Today, my story telling/job search effort officially reaches double digit proportions!

No job as of yet, but many kind comments from those of you taking the time to watch and share.  Thank you all for encouraging and supporting my dream-job quest.

Today—the last of this weeks’ stories about WNY’ers who generously give of their time and share their talents to help make our community a better place.  And as the old adage goes, I have saved one of the best for last.

This story is a new one, created just this week through the generousity and talents of WNYMedia’s Marc Odien.  It is our honor to tell the tale of a very special man who is no longer with us, but who will forever live in the hearts of those who knew him, and in the echoes of theaters stages throughout the Queen City and beyond.

Watch and enjoy …and please share, not only to help a girl get a job, but also in tribute to this remarkable man and actor, Neil Garvey