Today marks my first full week of posting stories as a means of finding gainful employment.  Everyday has brought with it new followers, complimentary comments, an interesting business proposal and full enjoyment on my part.  All that’s needed now is the job!

To finish up week one, a  story to remind us of the wonderfully warm weather just around the corner—–and one of the best parts of summers in the Queen City….  playing on Lake Erie.

Enjoy this video that WNYMedia’s Marc Odien and I put together two summers ago, following the launch of one of the inner harbor’s most successful attractions, The Spirit of Buffalo.

If you haven’t yet sailed on this gorgeous schooner, make it a must-do activity this year.   The Hilliman Family own/sail Spirit of Buffalo for entertainment ( and for education ( and it is a wonderful addition to the Buffalo waterfront.

And if you enjoy this video, please share with others.  You never know….your effort just might help me get that job~~