I am a story teller.

That is not meant to be a statement about something that I do, rather it is, essentially, who I am

I first began telling stories as a child, innocently blabbing behind-closed-doors, family fodder.  Surprisingly to me, those narratives failed to earn positive re-enforcement of my story telling talents.

Eventually, I turned my strong powers of observation and my natural way with words into a more appreciated purpose—- telling stories of the people and places that make our world interesting.

This time my stories were well received by those who watched them on youtube (listed under WNYMedia/buffalostyle) and listened to them on one of Buffalo’s NPR affiliate stations, WBFO(www.wbfo.org.)   Definitely, an improvment on my early story telling endeavors, all undertaken as a labor of love

Recently, upon losing my day job, I was presented with the opportunity to advance my story telling to a temporary reporting assignment  at WBFO.   The wonder of the work was that I would be paid!!  Nirvana, even if in a short term package.

Just as I always imagined, the process of interviewing, writing, editing and helping to produce those WBFO interviews, AND being compensated for my time and talents, was better than any dream.  It also encouraged me to believe that the time is now to follow my passion and focus on my professional story telling purpose.

Therefore, during the month of March,  I am going to post links to my collection of video and audio stories on Facebook and Twitter, as a means of finding story telling employment .  The catch is that to accomplish my goal, I need help sharing my stories.  I need YOU!!

Please watch my video stories, listen to my audio tales and if one or more make you smile, tug at your heartstrings, or just give you food for thought, share them with your Fb friends and anyone else who might enjoy or be interested. Help confirm my belief that someone out in the vast Internet world will see my stories, find value in my purpose and benefit by helping me realize my dream.

Help a girl get a job, won’t you? 

 Todays story:  Ladies First Big Band