Well, I finally got all of my brackets filled in and all tie breaker choices made….and ultimately had no idea who I chose in what game other than Bona and ‘Cuse (gotta stay with the hometown favs) and my favorite team in the whole field Gonzaga!!!  (Don’t know anything about them….just LOVE saying the name~~~)

So today, when the first pool updates were posted I searched for my standings with a certain trepidation.  I could almost hear my son’s taunts ringing in my ears over what I expected to be my lowly W/L tally .


Since the list is in alphabetical order, my son and I are numbers one and two on the list.  I looked at his tally first.  Eighty eight percent for the day.  Wow, I thought, my kid is a good picker.  Taking a deep breath, I raised my eyes to the preceeding line.

Christina Abt: 16 wins and 3 losses—81% success rate!!!!

I’m ready for Vegas, baby!!!