In getting involved in a March Madness pool, I spent considerable time on the Internet, researching  sports websites.  My idea was to use the wisdom of the gurus pontificating on such sites to become a rookie sensation.  In theory—-a great idea.  In reality—-not so much.

The wisdom gleaned in my research was to ignore the traditional statistics of rebounds, shots, scores and team line ups, as often irrelevant in the topsy turvy NCAA tourney.  Instead my panel of experts suggested that I rely on intriguing team names, snazzy uniforms and general trivia related to the teams.   Which I did.  Mistake.  BIG mistake!

Yesterday in every March Madness game played, without exception, the favorite team won—which means I did not.  In fact, I probably could have thrown darts at a bracket sheet and achieved better than my lowly 52% win rate.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen~~

The only thing worse than my free fall in the pool standings is the fact that I am already thinking about how to make better picks next year.

 Apparently, I am hooked.