“While reforming our pension system is a good step towards ensuring long-term fiscal stability for all New York counties, our leaders in state government could take steps today that would save local governments millions of dollars—now.

– Mark Poloncarz

For example, this year alone, Medicaid will cost Erie County more than $209 million, even with the current 3% growth cap in place.   While the Governor has proposed a plan to phase out Medicaid growth by 2015—which would save Erie County more than $177 million over the next 10 years—the Senate has developed a plan that would accelerate this phase-out and provide immediate relief this year.  Under the Senate’s plan, Erie County would save nearly $800,000 this year, while saving more than $221 million over the next 10 years—$43.8 million more than the Governor’s plan.  As such, I call upon the Governor and the Assembly to accept the Senate’s plan to immediately provide the Medicaid relief that Erie County and counties across New York State so desperately need.”