"Chris Collins: Today's Worst Person in the World!"

Tommunisms is proud to announce a major shift in the WNY blogging world with the hiring of political pundit Keith Olbermann to the website. Olbermann has been named “Executive Poohbah of Snark and Incredulous-ness” at Tommunisms.com and will be hosting a daily five minute edition of “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” on the site via YouTube. By daily, we mean Monday through Friday, with Fridays off, and up to 13 days off a month from that schedule, not counting sick time, and the fact that we had to buy him season tickets for the Buffalo Bisons, which means if the games go into extra innings, production of the web show may be delayed.

Says Olbermann:

“By choosing me to be the foundation of Tommunisms, the blog will be catapulted into the stratosphere in regards to site visits, advertising “clicks” and YouTube “hits”. I hope to humbly bring my infinite wisdom to the show, as well as my renowned level headed and completely fair analysis of the local news of Buffalo and WNY, as well as raise awareness of national issues to the local troglodytes of this crummy little town. The rising tide of my anticipated success will raise all boats in the area, even the mediocre ones. Look for me soon on your computer screens, as soon as Tom can get off his ass and get me a better set design.”

UPDATE: It is with great regret that Tommunisms announces that Keith Olbermann is no longer working with Tommunisms.com due to incompatible visions of how to best proceed in the production of “Mighty Taco Presents: Countdown with Keith Olbermann, brought to you by VeinsVeinsVeins.com”.  We wish Keith the best in his future endeavors.

UPDATE #2: Keith Olbermann issued his own statement regarding these events via Twitter:

Tommunisms has received notice of a small claims lawsuit being filed against it by Keith Olbermann. More as this story develops…