by Alberta Parish

There is a segment of the population in Black America with social and personality disorders ranging from violent aggression to mental illness, which causes antisocial behavior that leads to sociopathic behavior. These are the silent killers of the black community. It is high-time that we shine a great light upon the social and personality disorders that make people behave in a manner that is often offensive and threatening to those around them.

It is high-time that we shine a great light upon the social and personality disorders that make people behave in a manner that is often offensive and threatening to those around them.

Today, I stopped at one of my favorite soul food restaurants only to end up greatly offended and disappointed by the horrible customer service that I received by the restaurant’s owner who is a black man. For years, I’d been patronizing this restaurant. I had always enjoyed the food, and friendly customer service. However, the owner failed to treat me with the respect that I deserved as a continual customer.

After standing in line for several minutes, my turn came to be served. There were two servers. One was the owner. I told him that I wanted two pieces of chicken thighs with a little bit of gravy on them. Instead, the owner drowns my chicken in gravy. I had to tell him that was enough, because he kept drowning my chicken with gravy. After I got my take-out container with two chicken thighs, black-eyed peas, and macaroni and cheese, I turned around in line and told a woman server that I didn’t want the two chicken thighs that had been drowned in gravy. I told her that I wanted two other pieces of chicken. The server told the owner that I didn’t want the chicken. The owner then chimes in, “You said you wanted gravy.” Then I said to him, “I didn’t want my chicken drowned in gravy. I just wanted a little bit of gravy.” The owner abruptly got upset. After he gave me two other pieces of chicken, he said that he won’t put any gravy on the chicken. He said that he’d give me some gravy on the side.

I looked at the chicken and one of them looked old. “Could you give me another piece of chicken,” I asked the owner, pointing at the piece that looked old, “because this one looks old?” It was at this point when the owner really got irate with me. He said, raising his voice, “You didn’t want the other chicken. Now, you don’t want this one, but you touched it. I can’t take the chicken back after you touched it.” I said, “I never touched the chicken.” He kept falsely accusing me of touching the chicken. At this point, I got upset and walked away mumbling, “I ain’t got time for this shit.” The owner was so rude and disrespectful until I ended up leaving the restaurant.

Once I got outside, I decided to go back into the restaurant and talk to the owner one-on-one. I walked up to the cashier and told her that I wanted to talk to the owner. After a minute, he walked over to me. Then, I explained to him that I wasn’t trying to be the “difficult black woman”. I told him that I just wanted a little bit of gravy on my chicken, and that was it. I also told him that I’d been coming to this restaurant for many years, and I never had a problem until today.

Although the owner offered to fix me another plate, I was still upset because I was blatantly disrespected in front of other customers. By the time I paid the cashier for my food, I was still upset. I told several people who were standing around me about the verbal exchange between the owner and me. I said, “Had I not been in this uniform, would I have been treated the way he treated me? Had I been wearing a pair of tight pants and a tight shirt, I don’t think I would’ve gotten treated the way I did.” I said that black people don’t have enough respect for one another.

After the owner berated me in front of other people, I felt a total lack of respect. The owner’s rude and disrespectful behavior made me lose my appetite and demand my money back. I know that my actions did not warrant the manner in which I was treated by the restaurant owner. I think the owner is a complete whole-ass. To be honest, this owner is not the only whole-ass I’ve run across in a black-owned establishment in Atlanta. There are so few black-owned businesses in my neighborhood, and as much as I’d love to patronize every one of these businesses, I refuse to be treated disrespectfully and still spend my money in these establishments.

Most often, they lack customer service skills. They love your money but despise you as a black person.

I’ve had to stop patronizing quite a few Asian-owned businesses in my neighborhood. On any given day, you may walk into a typical Asian-owned establishment, and be greeted with a scowl by the employees. Most often, they lack customer service skills. They love your money but despise you as a black person. If the majority of black people in America would stop spending their money with the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Vietnamese, their businesses would go under within a year. The hair care industry, not owned by African-Americans, is a billion-dollar industry because black women are the largest consumers of hair care products and hair extensions.

The typical sociopath is not the serial killer you see in the movies. The sociopath could be your next-door neighbor, your supervisor, or your coworker. The typical sociopath lacks empathy or feelings of regret. The definition of a sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes, behavior, and a lack of conscience. Sometimes, people exhibit behavior that is completely opposite what you’ve seen from them. Today, I saw behavior exhibited by the restaurant owner that I’d never seen before.

After the restaurant owner gave me back my $7 refund, he told me not to come back or he’ll call the police if I step foot in his restaurant. I said to him, “You don’t have to threaten to call the police on me, because I won’t be back. You telling me that was not necessary.” The restaurant owner quickly turned a small matter into a huge ordeal. It was the most bizarre incident I’d experienced in a long time, and it made me question his sanity. Hopefully, he won’t go off on any one else for no apparent reason.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.