by Chris Stevenson

I’ve said for years that whenever whites shoot us it’s a preemptive attack. Most humans are conditioned to respond to return fire after they start a war. White America has started a war against blacks 400 years ago, and never received an official answer. They are still waiting.

Whites have received attacks from blacks via some 250 slave revolts. These are not an official engagement, just insurgencies. Blacks earned their freedom by fighting for the north during the Civil War. But still this was a war declared by non-blacks and responded to by non-blacks. The result of that meant in the immediate-term an abolition of official slavery, but an onset of slavery by other means because blacks never directly answered the first declaration of war on them.

Whites today-who know each other best-are in no moral position to suggest to blacks that we should pay more attention to blacks killing each other in urban areas whenever one of them or a cop shoots one of us. Whites are a sports team, as a local Buffalo columnist once brought out years ago. Actually if you’re black, a football team. If I can take it further; offense, defense, and special teams. Their offense shoots your baby, the defense defends the shooter and waves off all accusations of racism (run defense and pass defense respectively. Man-to-man and zone if you will), and the special teams gets YOU to say it’s not a racist incident or just an accident.

How can blacks win against such a battle-tested and close-knit team? Blacks put all their eggs into the pre-game prayer. Whites have a powerful song called “The Star Spangled Banner,” known to be sung with F-16s flying overhead. Blacks hear it, whites feel it. How else could they get Trayvon’s mom to turn around and say it was an accident, just weeks after saying she knows that was Trayvon screaming? Special teams. Persistence.

Much of White America’s biggest problem with blacks on cases like Trayvon is, we keep remembering that George got out of his vehicle. We keep remembering what they want us to forget. We keep using our eyes, instead of Georges stellar truth. As David Shields put it in an unrelated New York Times article, “Black life that doesn’t fit into white logic was commercially exploited or lynched.” Right now the way most blacks see the Trayvon situation simply does not fit into white logic. It doesn’t matter if much of white logic isn’t logical. They have to make our views fit… or get lynched.

When those of us outside of Sanford FL first heard of the Trayvon incident, a wide proportion of White America sympathized with Trayvon. I thought it amazing and refreshing in itself to hear many on the right and left condemn the Neighborhood Watchman for shooting an unarmed kid as well as the Sanford Police who initially seemed to refuse to arrest him. As more information began coming out, starting with comments from George’s own PR machine Robert (the former judge) and Robert jr., along the video footage of a squadcar pulling into the bay of a station, and a handcuffed and rather neat looking Zimmerman exiting and being escorted inside the precinct, public perception had steadily changed. Part of the reason-as always-was the typical disdain for the presence of black activists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). Al and Jesse and the black media were the ones that prompted the CNNs, MSNBCs and HLN (Headline News) to begin covering the story. Al and Jesse’s presence then was outweighed by the sheer magnitude of the incident itself, and the across-the-board refusal by Sanford law enforcement decision makers and political officials to make an arrest. Feeling their race was in the hot-seat, the all-white football team kicked off, at times even subbing-in black players (Joe Oliver) to run a few yards, and an Afro/Asian cheerleader (Michelle Malkin) to do some flips in between breaks.

During the circus of all this was the subtle message impressed on the mind of open racist around the nation between the time Zimmerman was released from custody on 2/27 and his publicized arrest prompted by Angela Corey’s probe; that it’s not just open season on blacks, but it’s possible you won’t even be arrested. At least two shootings against blacks in separate incidents that I know of have taken place due to Sanford’s initial refusal to detain and charge Zimmerman. What Sanford authorities did was not just violate the law, but violate the very reason we have and need a set of laws and a police force. Sanford normalized depraved indifference in the minds of millions. we already had self-appointed race-dialogue-police claiming that blacks were doing too much complaining about white racist killings of blacks and not enough about black-on-black murders. Now comes the Sanford authorities, validating racist feelings, making some racist feel empowered and encouraged to action, through their inaction.

While it’s hard to stop racist acts, history has proven you can tame it. Laws inspired by black activists like Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, etc., and written and passed by mostly white legislators and Presidents have come into being affecting all levels of American society; education, voting, hiring, in spite of many whites still being racist in character or closet. Does it bear mentioning these laws have probably prevented another Civil War? This is a factor few think about or acknowledge in a cynical world. What we have is more or less a black/white cold war at worst. That whites know and understand the art of war more than most blacks today is most typical by their being able to get Trayvon’s mom Ms. Sybrina Fulton to turn around and say a few weeks ago that Trayvon’s murder was an “accident.” You even have talking heads trying to make individual blacks on national TV feel ashamed if they think George Zimmerman is a murderer. That Fulton can say this right around the time of Zimmerman’s arrest, just weeks after saying she knows that was Trayvon’s voice that was screaming on in the background of one the the witnesses’ 911 calls should tell you something about white persistence at the very least. Aside from the common sense fact that no one screams before being “accidentally” shot, is the great teamwork her statement (since retracted) made self-evident.

Racism is the by-product of prejudging. Zimmerman has been prejudging (with good reason) that some people out there want to kill him, that fear is seen by his wearing a bullet-proof vest beneath his suit while in court, and under his jacket while being escorted leaving jail. Whites wear bullet-proof vests everyday that are much better hidden than Zimmerman’s, and have been doing it for centuries. Anytime a company refuses to hire blacks or a school refuses to admit blacks, or programs are eliminated because they are seen as targeted towards blacks (whether they are or not) you can assume these policies to be bullet-proof vests. Fear is the only reason such a vest is donned, nothing else. Simple basic fear on many levels for several different reasons all relating to blacks. Fear of black success, fear of black incompetence, fear of black unity, fear of black crime, fear of black honesty (particularly in the case of hiring and/or promoting blacks on many of the nation’s police forces), racism and fear have been fornicating with each other for generations. It’s almost incest since racism is born out of fear.

These whites who want blacks to only become outraged when blacks kill other blacks are ignoring one one thing. Getting rid of racist feelings and actions within themselves or their white relatives, neighbors, work-mates, and acquaintances will over time reduce black crime-especially robberies and homicides-to virtually nothing. I know this is not what many want to hear, but the end of racism will be most evident in the area of employment. I dare anyone to challenge me, you’ll be arguing against what most cops already know. Since whites are such a great sports team the continuity is already in place, they just need a new playbook. In my life I found that some of the best whites I ever met are the ones who disclosed to me that they were racist, but conscientiously worked to get rid of it within themselves and work towards the best interest of African Americans. I’ve had whites who insisted they weren’t racist as hard as they could, who proved to be some of the biggest racist I’ve seen. This is obviously not to take responsibility off blacks to do their part to stop urban crime, in fact there have been many blacks well known like Sharpton and Jackson, to many around the country who have been doing great things with black youths. You don’t hear about it because it’s not in the interests of major networks to cover these efforts.

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