Leave it to the Buffalo News Editorial Board to confuse the city’s inability to provide basic constituent services with racial discrimination. How about this puzzling excerpt from today’s paper…

Every time East Side residents turn around, they are reminded that they are a second-class constituency. These days, the most visible sign is the grassy wilderness that has been allowed to sprout on the vacant lots that checker the inner city

Second class-constituency? The editorial Board needs to leave their East Amherst residences once in awhile before writing nonsense like this. The grass problem is not unique to the East side. The above picture is of a vacant lot behind my South Buffalo home. On a short drive through the neighborhood this afternoon, I saw several similarly overgrown lots. Because a few East side residents complained to the local media, the bleeding hearts at the News decided to turn it into a racial issue.

I know. Our white mayor hasn’t been fair to certain minority sections of the city…

What’s that? Our mayor is black, you say? Oh, then, what are these idiots at the News talking about? I love how they ignore the fact that the East side residents overwhelmingly elected this empty suited buffoon as mayor, who is ultimately responsible for maintaining the lots. I guess it’s easier for the “white guilt” suffering editorial board members to blame the evil white man for every one of society’s ills. Lots in every section of the city (white, black, and Burmese) are overgrown. The reason? Incompetence and poor planning. The mayor is more worried about getting his delinquent son out of jail than he is in providing basic public services.