We’re one step closer to becoming the new Detroit. Councilmember Damone Smith proposed a law banning public and private employers in the city of Buffalo from asking prospective employees whether they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Buffalo would become the only city in the entire state to have such a rule.

I’m sure Jeff Conrad is just doing what he has been told, because that’s what Jeff Conrad does. Can you imagine running a business and not being able to screen out applicants with troubled backgrounds? And don’t think these people won’t steal from their employers or do much worse. It is this type of behavior that got them behind bars in the first place. Does this mean the city will now be hiring applicants with criminal backgrounds to work with young people in the recreation centers? It sure does, and don’t be fooled by the liberal spin they will try to put on it.

Here’s a crazy idea: If you want a good job, then don’t get arrested. Is it really that hard to grow up in the city and not get arrested? I’m not surprised they are doing this. It will be interesting to see how the privileged Chris Scanlon will vote on this issue. We will be watching, and the word will spread around the neighborhood fast.

Oh, wait… It’s Byron Brown on the phone, Chris. He wants to talk to you about the conversation he had with you and your father where you agreed to blindly support everything he does…