In a move that can only be described as classless, School Board President Lou Petrucci informed interim School Superintendent Amber Dixon that she would not be getting the permanent nod, via text message. From Mary Pasciak’s blog…

Moments before the board emerged back into public session to unveil
its decision to hire Pamela Brown, board President Lou Petrucci let
Amber Dixon know what the board had decided.

By text.

“It’s going to be Brown,” he texted her.
As word of the notification-by-text has trickled out, many Dixon
supporters say her 21 years in the district and nine months at the helm
of it should have warranted the courtesy of a personal visit — or at
least a phone call — to deliver the news.

“He ought to be ashamed of himself,” one City Hall insider said about Petrucci.

Anyone in South Buffalo who knows Lou Petrucci is not the least bit surprised at this. He will do anything in his power to make himself look good (including telling outright lies). He will take credit for things he has no part in. His sole qualification for public office is an unbridled ability to kiss Ray McGurn’s ass. Everyone and their brother knows this. I’m surprised a reporter as tenacious as Mary Pasciak hasn’t exposed him yet. Total fraud.

Dixon has served the schools well in her short time as superintendent. She did the best she could under some trying circumstances. I worked with the developmentally disabled for over six years. When text messaging became popular, some of them would inform their bosses they were quitting via text message. We explained to them that that’s not how adults in the real world conduct business. Obviously, nobody every relayed this basic message to Lou.
That five-word text message from City Hall – School Zone – The Buffalo News