I’m hoping the three non-entitled candidates for South District Council can come together and work something out. A three or four person race will heavily favor the anointed, machine backed Byron Brown yes-man, Chris Scanlon. 

I like Paddy Burke. I think he’s a well intentioned intelligent guy, looking to make a difference. He represents the many young, educated folks forced to flee WNY in order to find job. However, I believe A.J. Verel presents the best chance at defeating corruption. Verel is a sharp guy. He is very media savvy and has been relentlessly going door to door in the district. He also has extensive knowledge of operating small business. He had a rough past, but has made a serious effort to better himself. I’m not saying the other two candidates have not been campaigning hard, however, I’ve had four people tell me Verel has come to their door (and they were impressed by him).

When I ran in 2001, there was a 3rd candidate who proved to be a spoiler. (The numbers would show that we beat him by a 3:1 margin). At the beginning of the summer, he was convinced he would defeat myself and the incumbent hack Mary Martino. Everyone and their brother tried to convince him he was helping the crazy lady, but he would not listen. He was even given the nickname Superman by his neighbors at the time. 

I have no personal stake in this race. As I said, I have nothing against Burke or Kevin Lafferty. They have every right to run, should they choose to. However, I honestly think the only way to defeat status quo corruption, and that’s exactly what was given to the residents, is in a one on one race.