While the world was getting this:

Son Connor Visits Tom Cruise In Iceland With Divorce Looming:

Tom is currently filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Oblivion’ in Iceland and today, June 29, he was visited by son Connor on the set.

Buffalo was gettting this:

Buffalo Snooze:

Buffalo was abuzz with rumors this weekend that  movie star Tom Cruise was in town as part of gala celebration at the Church of Scientology Buffalo on Main Street.

A woman who identified herself as a public relations representative of the church’s headquarters in Los Angeles insisted to The Buffalo News Saturday that the blockbuster movie star was not in Buffalo and had not been in the city.

But two sources told The News that they saw the actor here Friday – the same day his wife, actress Katie Holmes, announced through her lawyer that she was divorcing Cruise.

And you want us to pay you for your online news?  Please…

Not to be outdone, ‘2 not really be on your side chimed in:

But a source tells 2 On Your Side that Cruise arrived in Buffalo Thursday night and left sometime Friday.

Then there is channel 7 who gives new meaning to the term ‘late breaking news’ :

Give someone at the Scientology Center the award for best local PR stunt of the year.