I was completely shocked to hear that the remains of Nancy Scamurra had finally been recovered and identified. Scamurra was the 14 year old girl from Amherst who went missing in 1984. She had gotten into an argument with a family member and was last seen heading towards North Forrest Road. She was never seen alive again.

Her DNA was matched today with a decapitated body found off the shores of Lake Ontario. Ironically, the body had been discovered in Oswego County only days after she went missing. But it took nearly 30 years for authorities to put two and two together.

Authorities are adamant that the case has not been closed. They feel somebody must have seen something that night. Perhaps the location of the body’s discovery might yield the one clue needed to solve this case. Seems to me like it could have been a random crime of opportunity. Hopefully, they’ll question known scumbags Altemio Sanchez and Paul Bernardo. Bernardo is the Scarborough rapist/murderer, who was known to have smuggled cigarettes across the US/Canadian border around the time of Scamurra’s disappearance. There is no proof against either of these two pieces of garbage, however, neither should be ruled out. I believe in the detectives and I hope somebody steps forward with information.
Remains of body found in ’84 identified as missing Amherst teen