Every once in a while I question my sanity relative to running for political office.

Just to be clear, my reticence is not related to the people of the district or the job.  My passion for both never wanes  I believe that I was born to serve as an elected representative. 

Rather on those days (like today) when my brain feels as if it has been seared to ashes and my body is screaming at me to walk away from the computer and do something healthier than sedentary office work—it occurs to me that all much of what it takes to organize and run a campaign borders on madness.

For example: campaign fundraising.  What other profession relies on going out into the community and asking for dollars in order to possibly qualify to do the job?  Seriously????  And the price tag attached to both winning and losing political efforts is disturbing.  Campaign funding reform is not just needed, it should be a required part of every elected official’s agenda.  We could revitalize our nation with the dollars saved in campaign spending reform (as long as all of the finance loopholes are closed!)

And then there is the endless time spent organizing fundraisers, sending out mailers, calling people to remind them to attend and stressing if enough people will show up or write checks to make all the efforts worthwhile.  Again, all time and money that could be much better spent actually dealing with the issues and concerns of our communities.

So as I sit here and make final preparations for my first fundraiser, I take heart in the emails and Fb messages from friends and supporters who enthusiastically support my fundraising efforts and tell me that they look forward to gathering  enmasse to launch my campaign. 

And perhaps in that gathering of positive energy and hopeful spirits I will realize the greatest value of such endeavors….and validation for the craziness.