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 It’s a move that may make some Buffalonians cringe, but the Buffalo Bisons becoming the minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays would be nothing short of a shrewd business move for both parties. Yes, the thought of Toronto being the big brother to Buffalo in a sports-related manner is hardly comforting, but it is satisfying in thinking about the cumbersome prospects a move of this nature presents to both cities and their respective ball clubs.

For the most part, ticket sales for Bisons’ games have been declining for the past decade. A significant percentage of that drop has been since 2009, the year the Mets took over as the parent club to AAA Buffalo. That is the majority problem. Do fans really want to watch Mets’ prospects? The attendance figures trend that question downward.

There were no substantial questions among media or fans regarding Coca-Cola Field (as it is called now) attendance (at least to my knowledge) while the team was associated with the Cleveland Indians from 1995-2008. That partnership was seamless, with people going to the ball park for a cheap night out — and watching a winning team. The Bisons made it to five International League Championship Series’ as part of the Indians organization, winning three of them. Fans were getting great value for their tickets. The Mets have not even fielded a marginal comparison to those teams during the four-year allegiance.