As of today, we are thirty days out from the Independence Primary Election. In my world, what that means is for the next four weeks my world will be focused on reaching out to prime IP voters in the 147th district.

One of the most direct ways to reach voters is through door to door campaigning.  It’s effective and low cost, which is why I’ve been knocking on doors for months and will continue to do so through the November election.

 Another proven way to reach voters is through mail and media ads, which are also direct and effective, but very expensive. Which leads me to the broader conversation of the outrageous amount of money spent on electing officials at all levels of government.  For my state assembly race, projected campaign costs range from $50,000 to $120,000— dollar amounts that I find completely unacceptable and that I will definitely work to change once elected.

However, as an independent and creative thinking individual, it occurs to me that I don’t have to wait for government leadership to help effect campaign finance reform.  Using the ever-expanding world of Internet and social media, there are new ways to reach voters directly and with a greatly reduced cost…that of time….yours and mine.

Together we can start campaign finance reform by using our Facebook and Twitter connections to reach out to Independence voters about the upcoming September 13 primary. It’s a simple process in which over the next four weeks, I would ask that you consider regularly posting a link to my website ( on your social media pages. Encourage registered Independence Party members to check out the website—-suggest that they contact me with any questions or concerns they might have about my candidacy or the district—-ask them to consider voting for me in the September 13th primary.

Estimates are that I will need 300 Independence votes to win the primary.  It’s a small number of voters. The question is can we bring them to the polls without investing thousands of dollars in mailings and ads?  Can we prove that we don’t need government intervention to start campaign finance reform right here in the 147th district?

The answer is—with your help and support….  we can!