Imagine receiving a message or email from a friend that a picture of you not intended for mass consumption has been published on one of the world’s most popular websites.  Imagine then that the picture posted of you was being used to mock a physical deformity you have.

That is exactly what happened to a local woman.  Christine K’s photo appears in a post on the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail Online.  The picture in question makes fun out of her lazy eye.  As someone who has lazy eye as well, I know personally what she has gone through her whole life.  It is an easy thing to make fun out of by others.  I have grown to deal with and accept my lazy eye and from getting to know Christine K, I think she has too.  But when you see a picture of yourself being demeaned by a tabloid, it is brutal, wrong and hurtful at a level that no one should ever have to experience.  The post has been seen by thousands of people.

This all started was when she posted a high school yearbook photo to her Flickr account.  Through some internet investigation, Christine K found that a lot of people had ripped her photo with the sole intent of using it in a similar fashion as the Daily Mail.

Christine K has has attempted to use the power of the DMCA to get the Daily Mail to take down the photo.  She has yet to receive a response.

What can you do?  Contact the Daily Mail by emailing  Reference the story and ask that it be taken down.  You can also post on their Facebook page.

It is one thing to poke fun at old high school yearbook photos because of the hair or a bad picture.  It is an entirely different thing to poke fun at someone because they were born with something physically wrong with them.

(Christine K asked that I use her name in the story exactly how I shared it.)


Just a few short months ago the Daily Mail posted this piece, Facebook trolls taunt Down’s syndrome girl: Stolen pictures used to mock teenager on website.   I guess it is okay when the Daily Mocks people with disabilities on the internet but not okay when others do it. 

Christinie K also filed a complaint on the site, the below is from here:

The Daily Mial has 697 complaints against them. I filed it under:

1 Accuracy — my eye is lazy because I’m blind in it and now have a fake eye. They only referenced the lazy eye nothing more.

2 Opportunity to reply — I was explaining the history of my eye in the comments but they deleted them or moderated me so that my comments wouldn’t show up on the article. Only comments they want others to see shows up.

4 *Harassment — making fun of me who has a disability (monocular vision/blind in one eye)

12 Discrimination — They referenced my lazy eye which is my disability as that eye is BLIND and I have been blind in it since birth. Now I have a fake eye.