I attended Tuesday’s night Mensch Developers meeting.  The meeting was for the Mensch developers to explain to the citizens what their “swap” project might look like if the swap with Amherst goes through.  The  average person in attendance had difficulty understanding the lines and other markings on the graphs drawn by Mensch’s urban planner, New York based and WNY native, Jay Valgora.  There are hundreds of questions which still need answers. 

The developers plan to have a memorial park included in the project.  I asked,  “A memorial to whom or what?”  Their reply was this park will also be a graveyard thus it will be a memorial to those people who will be buried there, which is also a wetland.

They plan to build “a simple hotel” next to the Northtown skating arena.  Their idea of a simple hotel is at least 6 stories or higher, and in acuality there would be not one but two hotels.  They were asked many questions about these “simple hotels.”

Mr. Valgora said there will be more green space in this project than there is now.  Don’t ask me what he meant but I’m sure they would have an answer.

The Mensch Group, in addition to the Golf Course, will receive our baseballs fields, soccer fields and additional fields and land.  They will not get U.B. baseball field.

The Town of Amherst needs money.  Supervisor Weinstein, our sole negotiator, is asking for close to $50 million in addition to the property swap from the Mensch Capital Partners,LLC.  This amount of money will help keep our taxes down for now but once this money is used to fix the Waste Water Treatment Center… then what? 

Our WWTP needs to be fixed and the cost is in the 100’s of millions range to get it back in shape.  The high cost of equipment and hiring people who know how to run the plant is very expensive.

We must get out of the mentality of selling our land to pay off the errors of this SECRETIVE Amherst Town Board.  This swap must not go through for the sake of everyone in Amherst.  Your homes will be devalued due to the high assessment and your lifestyle will be greatly altered.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  We must stop the Town of Amherst from becoming, “The Concrete Jungle.”