I am going to outline the facts…JUST the facts…. about a candidate debate scheduled for Tuesday August 21 at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.  Then I would like your feedback.

Below is a debate information e-mail sent out on Friday, August 10, 2012 by Sam Magavern of the WNY organization,  Partnership for the Public Good:

Candidate Debate, August 21

There are some hotly contested races this fall – in both the primaries and general elections.  Join us for debate night at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, 25 Nottingham Court, starting at 5pm on Tuesday, August 21.  Here are some of the confirmed and invited participants:

 Assembly District 149

Sean Ryan, Confirmed

Kevin Gaughan, Confirmed


 Assembly District 147

David DiPietro, Confirmed

Chris Lane, Confirmed

Dan Hummiston, Confirmed

David Mariacher, Invited


Senate District 63

Betty Jean Grant, Invited

Tim Kennedy, Invited


Congressional District 26

Kathy Hochul, Invited

Chris Collins, Invited

Presented by City and State, PPG, and the YWCA of Western New York.  Free and open to the public.  RSVP to the YWCA at 852-6120, ext 0,or info@ywca-wny.org.


I was neither informed of, nor invited to this debate.


When I questioned the sponsors of the event (City and State Magazine, Partnership for the Public Good and the YWCA of WNY) as to why ALL of my opponents, both GOP and IP, were invited and I was not, I was told that it was planned as a primary focused event with the Hochul/Collins general election debate serving as a grand finale/audience draw.


When I further pointed out that I was in fact in a primary for the Independence line against one of the gentlemen who is also in the GOP battle in the 147th district— and that they were therefore were providing my opponent with a public debate forum that was being denied to me— I received compliements for a good point and an invitation to possibly interview with the editor of City and State and perhaps participate in a debate in the future.


When I asked the representative of City and State Magazine (the prime sponsor of the event) if I would be receiving an invitation, his response was that if they invited me it would not be fair to the gentlemen already invited— and also, they might decide not to show up.


I am a graduate of the YWCA Political Institute School for Women.

Your thoughts and feedback?