Note: Remember, preseason is a scam. It is crap. Nothing matters. Don’t buy into it. Media will tell you it matters because they need to fill programming. Coaches will say it matters because they are control freaks and want to have the illusion that you must give 110% on every play. Because they are control freaks, they won’t give out a decent game plan because it would be on tape for regular season teams to dissect. Doesn’t mean anything, but I will pretend it does for this piece.

1) Really wish the Bills would at least try and run the ball more. It has been something I’ve been preaching all offseason and I still don’t think the Bills are made to spread the field and work out of shotgun on almost every down. Take away the 20 yards Jackson gained on one carry, and he had 4 carries for 7 yards. Alright, so that’s not a big body of work to judge by, but what annoyed me was the constant shotgun snaps. Fitz was in shotgun 12 out of 16 plays. Take a guess where Fitz was lined up on his TD to Donald Jones? You guessed it, under center. Use the fullback once in a while, Chan. Don’t start becoming Kevin Gilbride of 2003 with wanting to pass a lot when your personnel doesn’t match.