by Alberta Parish



The threat of Hurricane Issac has forced the GOP to push back their RNC back one day starting Tuesday the 28th-cs

Is Mitt Romney the best the Republican Party could come up with? The fact that a religious nutjob is being nominated for president scares the hell out of me. If you’re a logical person, this should scare the hell out of you and every other taxpaying citizen in America, especially if you’re not a multi-millionaire like Mitt Romney. For years, Romney has played a part in the creation of domestic policies, which have literally destroyed the income of most Middle-Class families. In addition, the Progressives, which I believe exists in all political parties in every country, have created government programs designed to keep people in poverty and dependent upon the federal, state, and local governments while the Conservatives claim to be constitutionalists and want to see the U.S. Government return to the principles of the Founding Fathers who lived during a time when there were millions of African slaves living in the New World.

As a promoter of freedom and individual rights, I would like the federal, state and local government to deduct less money or no money for taxes so I can keep more of my income to attain the American Dream and never have to depend on government entitlements. In the event that I’m laid off from my job, then I expect to get unemployment benefits. Luckily, I’ve never had to rely on food stamp benefits, but many people who have lost jobs because people like Mitt Romney decided to outsource his or her job overseas are now having to feed themselves and their children with food stamps. Meanwhile, generations of people who have been longtime recipients of food stamps for many years are no longer eligible for these benefits in the state of Michigan. There are record numbers of U.S. citizens now using food stamp assistance. I fault the Progressives (both Democrat and Republican) for creating generations of welfare slaves. Welfare was never designed to sustain generations of individuals who don’t want to get off their ass, go to college, get a degree or two, become entrepreneurial, and even become job creators themselves. Government-sanctioned poverty and the debt created by the U.S. Treasury Department have killed the American Dream for many families just as outsourcing jobs has created economic depression for millions of Americans.

People like Mitt Romney don’t know what it’s like to live from paycheck to paycheck. The multi-millionaire Romney has outsourced jobs overseas. According to the Washington Post, Bain Capital, which was a company of Mitt Romney’s, had invested in firms that helped corporations move American jobs to Asia for cheap labor. Is this the kind of leader that I want in the Oval Office deciding economic, energy, and foreign policies? Corporate tycoons and vultures who outsource jobs for personal gain are not the kind of people that I want as political figures making decisions that will negatively affect my lifestyle. Because of people like Mitt Romney, the unemployment rate for the entire nation is 30% now, which really does not include those who have stopped actively seeking work. The fact that Mitt Romney claims to be a “Christian” Mormon while perpetuating economic policies, which have done harm to many American families is hypocritical. Like the T.D. Jakeses, Creflo Dollars and Joel Osteens of the world, Romney is a religious pimp pretending to be a great man of god while pimping working-class citizens out of their hard-earned money. There is neither anything holy nor special about Mitt Romney. At least, our current president doesn’t pretend to be a clergyman or a humble servant of an invisible god while promoting economic, social and foreign policies, which are not all popular, even among his own constituents.

As an ex-Christian, I know just how brainwashed people like Mitt Romney really is. Unlike most Christians, I have researched the origin of Christianity and the bible, which is why I no longer practice Christianity nor subscribe to its outdated and mythical ideologies. I know for a fact that people like Romney suffer from delusions of grandeur, which means they believe they are greater and far more important than they really are because their invisible god said so. Their god is a respecter of persons; a sadomasochist, discriminative and bloodthirsty deity who will cast all those who don’t worship him into a bottomless fiery pit. If you don’t believe me, read the entire Old Testament, which contain many passages that were plagiarized from earlier Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian tales, such stories having come in handy by nomadic peoples calling themselves the Hebrews. There were later Old Testament writings added by early Christian forgers to validate the story of a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth who never historically existed. Christianity and the man-savior Jesus are the invention of a Roman “elite” family from ancient times.

For many years, my world view was between the pages of the bible. When I was a self-righteous Christian, I thought that I had the right to judge everybody based on his or her religious status, affiliation and belief system. I was very dogmatic in my past religious beliefs, and I debated anyone who dared to question the authenticity of the bible and Jesus. Today, I use logic, common sense, and acquired knowledge when debating with Christians, Muslims, or any other so-called holy man or holy woman of an invisible god that has yet to make an appearance in the earth in order to save anybody. Today, I realize that the mythical Jesus can’t save me. I must save myself from the vultures that want to pick my bones clean. The vultures in government and religion that claim to be righteous Conservatives, Progressives, Liberals, Republicans, Democrats and Constitutionalists really don’t have the best interests of the common people (i.e. average citizens) at heart. A lot of these people are agents of the secret societies.

Since ancient times, there have been secret societies in every government. It is these people that decide all policies, which they will use in their favor to gain power economically, politically and culturally. The President is a mere figure head, an agent of the secret societies chosen to sit in a seat of power. When legislation is passed in the House and Senate, the President signs this legislation into law. However, the careful manipulation and planning of the secret societies is behind all key legislation passed. The Homeland Security Act of 2002, which was signed by President George W. Bush in November of 2002, was a plan previously set into motion by the Illuminati secret societies stemming from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Illuminati secret societies have actively created terrorist networks while also fighting so-called domestic and foreign terrorism. The secret societies are planning another major attack on the U.S. They are actively weakening the U.S. dollar and the euro. They have stolen the wealth of the people and replaced it with fiat money, which is worth nothing. The wealthiest families on earth have successfully maintained their wealth for generations by stealing from the masses. They’ve also used religions to keep the masses enslaved.

From Corporate America to government to religion; Illuminati families and their agents are the real movers and shakers who determine how world markets will play out. They have enslaved the world population through regimented work environments while cutting labor costs by outsourcing millions of jobs. Most Americans are working longer hours while they painfully watch the value of their dollars steadily depreciate, and have less purchasing power.

The same company executives (i.e. slave masters) responsible for outsourcing jobs overseas and using slave labor in Asia, Brazil and India also use slave labor in the States in order to make huge profits, which is why the salaries of the top wealthiest Americans (which include Fortune 500 richest people) compare to the salaries of millions of Americans. Many Americans work well over 40 hours per week just to survive. They’re not living the American Dream but instead the American Nightmare while working on jobs they often hate but must tolerate in order to stay above water. If you tell the average American worker that he or she is a slave, they won’t believe it because most Americans are stupid. Americans have been sold the illusion of freedom. Meanwhile, your activities are being monitored and tracked through surveillance cameras, bank/credit card transactions, Internet usage by agents in the Department of Homeland Security, etc.

They’re currently working on abolishing freedom of speech and of the press, which means they will limit what you say and print. Your liberties have been sold in exchange for great wealth. Countries that have purchased U.S. debt now have a say over what kind of lifestyle you, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have. You’re a slave no matter how much you sit in denial. Forty hours per week are too many hours to be spending on a job, and still not have anything to show for it by the time you decide to retire. At the rate things are going, many young people around my age may not be able to successfully retire when or if we reach the age of 65. Many Americans are dying in their forties and fifties from heart failure and disease, high blood pressure, strokes, stress-related illnesses, etc. Work-related stress is also killing many Americans. Did you know that workers in France work an average of 35 hours per week, and receive up to five weeks of paid vacation time? The average American worker get two weeks of paid vacation time, and are working up to 60 hours per week. I refused a long time ago to work over 40 hours per week. But then again, I don’t have children. Therefore, I don’t have extra mouths to feed. The only person I’m responsible for feeding is myself. People who have multiple kids and expect other people to feed their kids need their ass whipped.


Just because religious nutjobs have told you to be fruitful and multiply, this doesn’t mean you should be having children that you cannot support financially, emotionally and physically. The bible is not a book to be taken literally. In fact, if you have a bible in your home, throw it in the trash can. Religion makes you stupid. In fact, religious dogma teaches people how not to think for themselves, but instead to allow others to do their thinking for them. Learn to think for yourself, and conduct your own research. Stop believing the lies, and open your heart and mind to the truth, which does not include the illusion of reality that has been placed before your eyes. There is a whole other realm beyond the illusion. Search for it.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.