by Alberta Parish

Recently, I have experienced retaliatory actions from company management that has created adverse working conditions for me. As a result, I have suffered from work-related stress and anxiety for the past couple of weeks. I’m tired of constantly having to defend myself against unethical practices within this company, which is why I’m doing everything in my power to expose the unfair treatment of workers by management. There exist a culture of fear and intimidation within this company whose Board of Directors and management team consists of predominantly African Americans. Even though there is a company policy prohibiting retaliation in the workplace, it has not stopped managers when it comes to acts of systematic retaliation against employees. In Georgia, there is a defined culture in the workplace in which workers are constantly living in fear of losing his or her job. However, I’m a warrior, and I choose to fight back against unethical behavior perpetuated by management.

Since company executives and managers are aware that the job market has become 100 times more competitive due to millions of jobs being outsourced outside the United States, they seem to believe they no longer have to respect their work force. The outsourcing of American jobs started with the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs over three decades ago, which has devastated many cities such as Detroit and Chicago, and has left multiple generations to suffer economic depression because of a lack of decent-paying jobs in their communities. Due to the closing of manufacturing plants, most products that Americans consume are made outside the United States. Instead, most of our economy is a consumer as well as debt-driven economy. Ironically, were it not for our debt and consumerism, the American economy would have fully collapsed in 2008 in addition to the bankruptcy of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the fall of Lehman Brothers. Because of our national debt and federal deficit, which have risen to trillions of dollars, the American dollar has become invaluable. The dollar no longer holds the worth it once held around the world. It is only a matter of time when the dollar will cease to exist as the world’s reserve currency. The American economy will plummet, and your money will be 100% worthless.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and many other wealthy business people like him doesn’t care about America or its working class citizens. Mitt Romney’s companies have made a fortune from outsourcing jobs to other countries where there exist factory slave workers to whom American and European corporate executives pay very little income. Many corporate executives have outsourced jobs to strike it rich by not paying fair wages to the slave workers who manufacture products for consumption and usage by Americans and Europeans. Your iPhone, iPad, HD television and camera, laptop, yacht, automobile, clothes, shoes, silverware, glassware, etc. have been made outside your country by slaves.

Robert Morley, editorial writer of the Trumpet, wrote, “Ford, another American icon, has been slashing jobs too. According to Forbes, Ford would cut up to 30,000 jobs and close 10 plants (Dec. 7, 2005).”

“However, the auto industry is just one example of the overall decline in American industrial might over the past couple of decades. Other U.S. manufacturing giants are failing, too; in fact, the U.S. has lost 3 million manufacturing jobs just since 1998,” writes Robert Morley, The Death of American Manufacturing, February 2006 Trumpet Print Edition.

The next time you purchase an automobile, a Rolex or Timex watch, iPad and iPhone, houseware, clothing, shoes, etc., remember that these products came at the price of slave workers living in countries such as India, Brazil and China. Remember that your so-called freedom came at the devastating price of other populations, which had been decimated by European conquerors. You think America became prosperous by its own inventions? America became prosperous as a direct result of the subjugation of Africa, the systematic genocide of American natives, and the European slave trade. As early as the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the Caribbean Islands, the systematic destruction and ruin of those populations living peaceably in the lands ensued. The natives were systematically destroyed to make way for European settlers/colonists. The genocide of native islanders as well as mainlanders lasted for over a hundred years after European explorers and colonists came to the Americas. The islanders that the Spanish conquistadors had first encountered were of dark complexion. European explorers had also encountered people of dark complexion living in what is known today as Mexico and California.

America like Africa was the original settlement of people of African heritage. Black Africans were the original natives of the Caribbean Islands as well as South and North America. Most mainstream history accounts won’t mention this fact of history. Instead, European academia has erased much of the history that pertains to people of dark complexion living in the Americas as far back as ancient times. In fact, the first Africans had migrated to parts of India, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Melanesia, Central Asia, North and South America, etc., many thousands of years ago. There had long been a great African presence in ancient America long before enslaved Africans were shipped upon European vessels in the 1500s to colonies in South America and the Pacific Islands. It was in 1418 when Pope Martin V had declared a crusade against Africa, and, later in 1441, had sanctioned the Portuguese trade in African slaves. The first African slaves were brought to Portugal in 1441. However, Africans had already existed in Europe long before this. Africans had brought technology and the sciences to Spain beginning in the 8th Century.

When the “Catholic” Europeans of Spain became powerful, they made war against the black Moors (mostly Muslims). When the Moors of Europe were conquered by the Spanish, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had enslaved the captured Africans and shipped them to the West Indies where Spanish colonies existed. Today, Westerners are still conquering other countries whether they accomplish the mission through covert operations or military might. Western capitalism is the driving force behind the subjugation of all non-Westernized countries in the world. Western civilization and its capitalist values have brought about the downfall of government regimes in Egypt and Syria. Every NATO air strike is a military attack by Westerners. Perpetual forced labor in the United States is the end result of European and American colonialism, which has produced crony capitalism.

Just like African slaves such as Harriet Tubman who escaped the plantation and fought against institutionalized slavery, I oppose modern-day slavery in all its ugly forms. My desire to be free has created a self-awareness, which prompts me to oppose the systematic enslavement of factory workers in China and in other countries. Any government that sanctions perpetual forced labor or factory slave labor, and also endorses slave labor in other countries is a tyrannical government. I oppose today’s indentured servitude system in America like my ancestors who also opposed their own slavery and escaped to freedom. I oppose American capitalism (including crony capitalism), which produces perpetual forced labor throughout the world, because it is a corrupt and unethical system.

According to an American physician named Samuel A. Cartwright, if the slave opposed his own slavery and escaped to freedom, he was regarded as having a mental disorder called Drapetomania. In 1851, Cartwright claimed that Drapetomania caused black slaves to free captivity.

Cartwright said, “If any one or more of them, at any time, are inclined to raise their heads to a level with their master or overseer, humanity and their own good requires that they should be punished until they fall into that submissive state which was intended for them to occupy. They have only to be kept in that state, and treated like children to prevent and cure them from running away.”

Today, if the American worker expresses a strong desire to be free from his perpetual captivity as an indentured servant working for an organization, corporation or small business where he is not happy in his conditions, he too is regarded as crazy and a troublemaker. Usually, any employee who opposes unfair/unethical practices on his or her job, and also oppose harsh working conditions experience a greater level of workplace harassment accompanied by systematic retaliation from management. If an American worker oppose the indentured servitude system perpetuated on her job, she is often regarded with contempt by management.

In this nation’s beginnings, the indentured servant worked for a number of years before he could purchase his freedom with his earnings. The term of service for an indentured servant usually lasted between three and seven years. The indentured servant who owed a debt to his master would work for a number of years to pay off the debt. Once the debt was paid off, the indentured servant would then be released from the service of his master. Europeans who wanted passage to the New World would enter into a contract with a wealthy landowner to work for a number of years as indentured servants in exchange for their passage. The landowners would pay for their passage, and provide them with food and housing during the term of their service. After his contracted service was complete, the indentured servant became a free citizen. He could then purchase land and become a property owner. Many “freed” indentured servants later became slave owners.

Today’s indentured servants are working well over twenty years, and we can’t even own the land upon which we live. The federal government owns all the land in the United States. This is why you pay property taxes to the government every year. If you don’t pay your property taxes, a lien will be placed against your property. A foreclosure notice will follow, and they will take your property. You will become homeless if you do not pay your property taxes to the government.

When I reach the age of 65, Social Security benefits will not exist for me. Will I exist when I turn 65, because work-related stress and the illnesses that accompany work-related stress are killing many Americans? Working in harsh conditions for many years are killing American workers, too. The main reason why there is “perpetual” indentured servitude is because of crony capitalism and a debt-driven economy where we are perpetually at the mercy of our debt holders. You work to pay off credit card debt, mortgage debt, car note debt, student loan debt, etc. Today, we work well beyond the years that early European settlers worked just so that corporate executives and their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren can benefit from the exploitation of our forced labor in “perpetual” indentured servitude. You are working to pay off debt to banking institutions for car loans and mortgages. You are borrowing money from financial institutions when the value of the money is non-existent. Therefore, the banking institution is a fraud.

The Federal Reserve is not a federal government institution. It is a privately-owned organization, which has defrauded Americans since its inception. Your work income is debt. The money in your bank account is debt. In addition, the debt is non-existent because there is no real value in the dollar. The money you get back as change at the grocery story is also debt. The student loan they claim you owe is debt. You never really borrowed any money (because it is all debt), and now you’re paying back a “ghost” loan to financial institutions. We’re being robbed! The United States Government owes China and other countries trillions of dollars. Therefore, everything you call money is DEBT. As a nation, we would never be able to repay this debt. At least, not in the next three decades can the United States Government repay all of its debt owed to other countries.

Many years of forced labor in the United States accompanied by a consumer-driven and debt-driven economy is the only thing that is keeping all of America from turning into a third world country. Right now, there are parts of the country that look just like third world countries. Many American cities look like ghost towns, because manufacturing plants have closed in those cities. There is economic depression in places like Flint, Michigan and Gary, Indiana as a result of manufacturing plants closing, and jobs being outsourced to other countries.

African slaves had existed in the Pacific Islands as early as 1502. But in 1640, forced black slave labor began to be perpetuated throughout the North and South American colonies as a response to the economic woes experienced by colonial landowners/businessmen. Countless generations of African slaves were born on plantations where they lived and died as slaves. According to the wealthy colonists, the existing indentured servitude system (consisting of European settlers and American natives) was not meeting labor demands throughout the colonies, which is why existing African slaves in North and South America began to experience chattel slavery. Mostly European settlers (which included Scottish, Irish, English and German immigrants) who came to the New World were indentured servants. They had possessed certain rights although not full rights because of their status as indentured servants. On the other hand, the African slave had no rights. The slave was the property of his master, and therefore, had no rights to a fair and honest day’s wages. In fact, his labor served to make a hundred percent profit for his master.

The slave was regarded as less than a human being, and suffered humiliation and degradation at the hands of his master. The slave suffered perpetual sorrow at the hands of his master. The slave suffered regular physical cruelty, and was psychologically conditioned to follow the dictates of his master. The slave was brainwashed to believe that his very existence depended upon his master, which is why they gave you the Bible, Christianity, and the Jesus myth.

Today, the indentured servitude system in the United States still creates economic woes for corporate executives, because in addition to heavy corporate taxes, government regulatory laws, the average cost of health care insurance premiums, pensions and other retirement benefits for employees, the profits are not meeting the expectations of corporate executives and corporate shareholders. This is why many corporations have outsourced American jobs oversees. For business people looking to make huge profits, outsourcing jobs to India, China, Brazil and other countries where corporate executives can hire foreign workers at $10 an hour for doing the same job they otherwise would pay an American worker a salary of $30 an hour, is the only possible way to get rich and remain rich.

Every day, people are living out their dreams. I’m currently not among them, and it bothers me greatly. Although I am the author of several books, I have not reached financial success as an established author. Part of that is my fault, because I have not been consistent in establishing my goals to become a successful author. I have yet to begin writing my fourth book. Life is just passing me by while I continue to suffer from systematic harassment and retaliation in a place of employment that produces an oppressive and depressive atmosphere for employees. Like Harriet Tubman, I’m making plans to run away from the plantation and escape to freedom. Life is too short to be confined to an oppressive/depressive work environment, which does more harm to you than good for you.

In conclusion, anyone who reads this article and believes that I hate all Europeans (or white people) based on the historical facts presented in my article need to re-read the entire article. You have obviously missed the point of what I have written.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.