No matter how confident or self-deprecating you are when it comes to how you make your way around the world, you will come across a hot streak. You could have absolutely no idea how to play blackjack or fantasy football, but sometimes, the cards you are dealt will lead you to go on a hot streak. You can be absolutely terrible with picking up girls at a bar, but there are moments in which you can get in the zone. Yes, I’m going by personal experience when I used to be in the zone in college and I’d go out trying to catch game, and for weeks at a time, I’d get rejected, but sometimes, and it happened enough, I’d be getting girls numbers and executing random makeouts like it was my job. There was no rhyme or reason to it, it was just a hot streak. No different than what a gambler goes through when he’s betting on games. This is no different when it comes to (Bad) QBs.

There have been 9 starting QBs since Jim Kelly has retired from the Bills. 9 guys you most likely hate today or feel indifferent about them. However, all of them at certain points went on a hot streak…only to then crash down in flames.