I should be happy about yesterday's game, right? The Bills trash the Chiefs and CJ Spiller is making the rounds nationally on Jim Rome and other media platforms. It was a great day to be a Bills fan. However, I'm not happy. I'm in a pissed off mood. Really? Another Toronto regular season game? UGH.

I'm sick and tired of writing about the Bills/Toronto experiment. This is probably my 6th or 7th piece dedicated to it.

It gets fricken old to write about it whenever the "Home game" comes around yearly. I should probably just let it be, but I can't. I tried last year in saying that maybe we should give them a chance. "Let's be friends. We are the city of good neighbors and should invite this."

Well, I've changed my mind.

I think we all could have predicted that having more games in Toronto was a possibility during the first deal. However, now that the speculation is picking up, it feels like you are seeing your ex-wife for the first time with another man and even though you said you wouldn't be bothered when you both locked eyes again, once the moment comes, it is a big kick in the nuts.

I understand all the pros -if you want to call them that- for having the games there. The Bills have had issues with season ticket sales and are a small market. They have to knock on fortune 500 companies to get them to buy luxury boxes. Toronto is paying a fortune for this. Blah, blah, blah. I swear, I've written all this crap before and it gets so tiring to recall it.

Do the Bills really need this to survive in the NFL? You know how much their TV deal is? How about sponsorships? The Bills make so much money without even lifting a finger because the NFL brand can stand on its own head nationally.  By the time you finish reading this article, the Bills would have probably made a million bucks.

You are making a ton of money. Do you really need to make that much more?

I just don't buy that the Bills need the Toronto experiment to survive. I also don't buy that having one game in Toronto has had a profound affect on selling season tickets in Buffalo. Why? Because most of those games have been fricken lousy and they have been giving away tickets to them.

Sure, the Bills will have some stat about how 20% of their seasons come from Ontario, but are you telling me it is because of playing one game a year there? I doubt it. Please, find me a Toronto fan who became a Bills fan after they saw Trent Edwards light up Miami for 7 points in 2008. The fact of the matter is that there are a number of small markets in the NFL that are getting by without having to do this crap (See: Chiefs, Jags and Packers).

Could I get behind this? Maybe if they went to an 18-game schedule and we got 7 games and they got two. I could also get behind having Toronto pick up some of the bill for the stadium improvements the Bills and Erie County are trying to negotiate. How about maybe both cities team up to build a brand new stadium in Niagara Falls that is connected to a railway to Toronto? Alright, that's a pipe dream, but how about them helping us out a little bit more?

But when would it end? When the deal is up again, does Toronto get another game or two? Maybe playoffs? Do we rename the team the Buffalo Bills of Southern Ontario? They won't stop. Piece by piece we will keep giving the Bills to Toronto until nothing is left but a dual partnership. We already have a weak mindset when it comes to being self-depricated about the region and the Bills know that. "Oh, what is another game? We are small time and are lucky to have a team. As long as the team stays, I'm for it." 

Stand up for your damn selves. We made Buffalo Bills football special. We supported that lousy team for 12 years without the playoffs. Sorry if the fans got sick and tired of seeing a dipshit product. I'm just sick of being taking for granted by the Bills and you should too.