"You can't be half a gangster."

This slogan has been pasted on all the advertising for Season III of Boardwalk Empire. It was a line that was uttered by James Darmody (RIP)  to Nucky Thompson in the series premiere. Over the last two seasons, we've seen the evolution of Nucky Thompson go from politician to crook to now being a full fledge gangster after shooting his apprentice in the season II finale.

Nucky has always been someone who seems to try and do right and be a nice guy to his wife and others in hoping he'll goto heaven, but he also knows he's probably not going to go there since he's  killing people. You saw it in the season finale when he mulled over whether he should kill Jimmy. 

This season will represent Thompson being a Tony Soprano type character. No more trying to be incognito about being just a crooked politician. He is now a gangster. I can only assume we will see a more ruthless Nucky Thompson this season. I think what is important for me when it comes to this season is trying to find a character to latch onto that I actually like. As I've said a few times on Twitter, killing Jimmy was a major blow to this show. They need to find some new faces (Wrestling term) to get me happy again.

There weren't many cliffhangers at the end of season two. The whole series up to that point was predicated on James and Nucky's relationship. Now that James is gone with a hole in his head, everything was pretty much settled.  However, there are some minor cliffhangers in case you forgot:

  • Margaret gave away Nucky's land to the church because she feels God had punished her and her child because all of their spoils came from the evil element of organized crime. I mean, I only donate a dollar to church collections but a piece of land ought to have the big guy upstairs keep an eye out for you. I'm sure Nucky isn't too happy about that. Also, Margaret did bang Owen Slater. So, we'll see if the flames are still there.
  • Agent Van Alden is hiding out in Illinois with his nanny and his illegitimate kid. Hmm…Illnois? You think his previous crooked ways may meet up with Al Capone in Chicago? I'm curious to see what Van Alden's character is like this year. Last year, he was just too busy trying to babysit and figure out what side of the law he should be on. Now, he's a fugitive and he's going to have to make money somehow. Al plus Van would be a nice partnership.
  • The Dumbass Fredo character of the show, Eli Thompson, went to jail for election fraud. The show is suppose to take place almost 2 years later after last season's finale. Gotta think Eli will just be getting out of jail. How will Nucky treat him after the family feud they endured last year? 

Richard Harrow must kill everyone!!!!
Yes, I'm still annoyed that Jimmy is dead. How the hell could you kill off your best character?! He was awesome! BTW, there were some rumblings that Jimmy's character was killed off because the actor (Michael Pitt) was hard to deal with, which of course was denied. I will say this, the guy was fired from his agency last year. He's also in a band which means if you are an actor and can play the guitar, you are probably crazy or weird (See: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Keanu Reeves). And his IMDB page has only two projects after Boardwalk Empire. Hmmmm. The guy kicked ass on the show and he only has two roles? Something is fishy.

Anyways, back to the man in the iron mask.

I want some revenge and I'm hoping Richard Harrow delivers. I'm sure it won't be Nucky because he's the main character, but how about that dickhead in Philly? How about Jimmy's mom who decided to bang her son!!! How about Eli? Just kill anyone associated with Jimmy's death?! Right now, he's my hero in a plastic iron mask.

Who is Gyp Rosetti?
If you've watched all the trailers for Boardwalk, the new character who is popping out is Gyp Rosetti. He seems to be your classic gangster. He looks tough, he swears and he's trouble. Obviously, Nucky needs a new antagonist and it seems like Gyp is the guy for this. Maybe Gyp is trying to get revenge for the death of Jimmy. Alright, I have to move on from Jimmy.

Look out for Mommy dearest
My least favorite character on Boardwalk Empire is this biotch. She not only screwed her son (literally) but she manipulated him into making some stupid ass decisions when he was trying to take over Atlantic City. Now she's living with Jimmy's son and Richard Harrow. There's a family portrait that will probably not make the hallway at Sears. What concerns me is that she was still hooking up with Lucky Luciano. We all know that Lucky is a hothead who is making his rise through the NYC crime family. He also likes this dame. I mean, she set him up in season 1 for her son to kill him after she slept with Lucky. Yet, he comes back for more. The power of the ass, I guess. That shows he's kind of whipped. If I know her character, she'll try to manipulate Luciano into doing her dirty work since she craves power. I'm sure she'd love for him to goto war against Nucky.

Nucky and Margaret
I gotta tell you, this storyline just bores me. Will Margaret stay? Will Nucky beat her up because she gave his land away? Blah. Blah. Blah. Maybe if I didn't watch the Sopranos I'd get into it, but this is just Tony and Carmella storylines all over again. Why can't we get a mob wife who actually wants to kill and steal from people? Fuck the moral compassing, lady. I think they breakup this year.