by Allie Freeman

First Lady Michelle Obama

My lady , first mom-in-chief
You are power , you glow , it was like watching a motion
picture show

First lady Michelle you have class
You shine , you glow , your brilliance flows

First lady , you are just that a lady
Mom-in-chief , we heard you wrote your own speech
You are bold , you are courage , you are smart , you are an
American beauty rose

Little girls take a look , she is a true story right out of
the book

For women , a source of pride
Giving us a great ride

A woman through and through , product of the heart
You feel it , you see it in her stride
Parents worked hard giving their best










Be blessed in your quest
Be encouraged , you and the President
With out a doubt , you have shown what success can be about
You are smooth , you are cool, you articulate evidence of
being well schooled

Your early training , your own intelligence
First lady , first- mom-in-chief wishing you traveling mercy
as you continue to walk life’s streets

Blessings from above ,wishing you peace and love
With that much said , we wish you well
Success at the polls in 2012 .

allie 2012

Allie Freeman is one of Buffalo’s best kept poetic secrets, and the mother of 3 sons including Pat Freeman. You can contact her on her facebook page.