Last month, I wrote about a campaign issue relative to a candidate debate for the 147th NYS Assembly Race. I titled the essay, “Just The Facts….and Your Feedback.”

Today I am again writing about a  campaign issue, this time concerning the upcoming September 13th, Independence Party Primary in the 147th NYS Assembly District .  Keeping the same intent and purpose, I have titled this essay, “Just The Facts, Part II.”    The difference is that the true feedback on this one will be delivered on Thursday, September 13th by IP voters, in the voting booth.


In mid July, petitions for all candidates were validated and ballots for the upcoming election primaries were set.  In the NYS Assembly Race in the 147th District, those ballots (in alphabetical order) are as follows:

Republican Party

David DiPietro (R)

Daniel Humiston (I)

Christopher Lane (R)

David Mariacher (R)


Independence Party

Christina Abt (I)

Daniel Humiston (I)



I have lived, worked and supported local businesses in the Erie County sector of the 147th District for 33 years.  My family worked as farmers in the Wyoming County sector of the 147th District, where I spent summers growing up.

Daniel Humiston lives in Buffalo. Since the 147th is a new district, candidates do not have to live in the district to run for a district office.



I became a member of the Independence Party in 2006 and am running to serve as a member of the Independence Party.

Daniel Humiston is currently a member of the Independence Party but has already applied with the Erie County Board of Elections to become an official member of the Republican Party following the November 6, 2012 election.



Daniel Humiston’s campaign signs, which are popping up on the highways and biways of the 147th District, are imprinted with three facts:  1) his name  2) the office for which he is running  3) apparently his true (but not legal) political affiliation.



Ten days from today, we’ll find out how much voters really care about such facts…..