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I am neither D nor R according to my registration. So I receive little to no mail concerning primaries. Know they’re happening, interested in the outcomes, but I’m not on anyone’s mailing list.

Except Matt Richiazzi’s.

He’s a Republican/Conservative that did a bit of a tango with Alan Bedenko over at Artvoice Daily concerning the Grisanti casino incident.
And this guy has a major issue with Grisanti’s continued existence in politics.

He sends emails from his address at, mentioning a committee that sounds a tad fictitious, the “Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party”.

I call this the “Throwing shit against the wall” method

Grisanti betrays the Italian Community – Again!
State Senator refuses to fund Niagara Falls Italian Festival
Organizers of Niagara Falls’ Italian Heritage Festival have canceled the event because they are $10,000 short of funding. In past years, the local State Senator would secure earmarks for the festival. Former Senator Antoine Thompson funded the festival each year that he was in office, and Senator Mark Grisanti did so last year as well. Senators have access to state earmarks that they typically dole out to local community groups in exchange for political support.
But this year, organizers say, that Grisanti has refused to provide funding because he was redistricted out of Niagara Falls. He is reported to have said that “when your district changes, your priorities change.” This has enraged the Italian community, not only in Niagara Falls, but the sizable Italian population inside Grisanti’s new district as well.
Organizers have said that Senator George Maziarz, whose new district includes the entire City of Niagara Falls, has also refused to provide the festival funding. The reason is because of State Senate candidate Johnny Destino, a youthful and popular son of the community who is challenging Maziarz in this year’s Republican Primary. Put simply by one political observer: “George isn’t going to get their votes, so he’s going to try to squash the festival.”
Perhaps most outrageous is the fact that Grisanti has raised several hundred thousand dollars for his relection, but still has refused to donate $10,000 so that the festival could be held.
This comes after another profound insult to the Italian community in another part of his district. The Columbus Park and Prospect Hill neighborhood is a historic Italian neighborhood on Buffalo’s Westside. Grisanti promised to support the residents’ concerns over a proposed Duty Free Supercenter and Truck Stop proposed to the Peace Bridge Plaza. The neighborhood has scandalously high rates of cancer and childhood asthma, and last year Grisanti had told residents that he would fight for them.
Since Republican Grisanti has become a puppet of Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, he has since supported the demolition of historic pre-civil war architecture and a massive expansion of truck facilities on the waterfront, which will only exacerbate public health threats to the neighborhood.

The “Shoot the Messenger”

I’m hearing lots of rumors among the region’s political operatives that WGRZ – Channel 2, Buffalo has endorsed Mark Grisanti for reelection — I thought there are FCC or at least FEC laws against that kind of thing? But a review of their broadcast content indicates that they have not aired a single critical broadcast of the Senator, and they have not covered his Republican primary contest at all. They have, however, extensively covered Grisanti’s mindless press releases more than any other Senator in WNY during the same period.

From “Grisanti Gets Desperate for Endorsements”

The embattled Senator Mark Grisanti is getting desperate for endorsements, because he is likely to loose the Republican primary next week.
But the only endorsement he can find is from a Floridian who received taxpayer money from Grisanti.
Obviously, it’s a little unseemly that Grisanti would pressure people into offering these “political paybacks,” but I suppose it is to be expected in a moment of desperation.
Goodbye Grisanti!

Copies of mailers that are supposedly being considered:

All Anti – Grisanti, all the time, but no endorsement of another candidate. Perhaps this is just batshit crazy freelance – vendetta over perceived wrongs. Can’t think of anyone who would want to associate with this. The only other horse in the race is Kevin “Vote for me, I’m not Grisanti” Stocker. Thought he had the backing of Paladino, but his finances speak otherwise.

Question of the day – Is Kevin Stocker aware of the amateurish smear campaign?
Bigger question – Is Richiazzi affiliated with the Stocker campaign in any way shape or form?
I asked these questions on the little “Contact Us!”button (I love those things – never get a reply unless you are donating) and am anxiously awaiting their reply