“Mitt Romney has encountered an error and must shut down…”

The AI program running presidential candidate and replicant synthoid Mitt Romney was rebooted this weekend at a campaign stop at a pizza parlor, causing his campaign schedule to be temporarily suspended while technicians ascertained potential damage and  applied software patches to prevent similar events in the future.

Romney, a joint project of the Tyrell Corporation and Weland Corp. is an automaton made to resemble a human being. While appearing in a humanoid form, and having the ability to converse with “human meat-bags”, his creators are still debating whether he truly comprehends human emotional states, and point out that any attempts by Romney to demonstrate empathy are merely a series of pre-programmed responses. Generally, those who are in close prolonged contact with him can interact with him on about the same level as one may with an automated response telephone system.

Romney technicians believe that the Rom-Bot experienced a stack-overflow resulting from too much sesnory input when he was picked up and “bear-hugged” by an enthusiastic supporter, who forgot the the candidate is not considered a sentient, emotional being who can balance feelings with rationality. Romney’s safety protocols took over, and he seized up, locked in the position he was in while his subsystems were shutting down.

Romney was assisted by technicians at Cyberdyne Systems who provided some off the shelf components when he was initially constructed.

This was not the first software foul-up for Romney, who experienced a complete memory wipe of his time as a moderate Governor. In addition, a software add-on titled “Tea-Party Logic” nearly caused a cascade failure of his logical processor…