Most days my campaign work includes meeting constituents, learning about district issues and thanking people who continue to step forward and support my candidacy.  However as the primary quickly approaches and election day looms, surreal campaign moments become more a part of my world, often catching me off guard.

The latest of these occurances came with a recent mail delivery.  Within the white business envelope, complete with an Erie County Board of Elections return address, I found a document noted as a, “sample ballot.” 

Never having run for an office of this stature before, I was unsure exactly what I was holding in my hands.  However as I unfolded the document it became very clear that this was an example of the ballot that voters will use in the upcoming September 13th Independence Party Primary for the 147th NYS Assembly Race.  And yes, there in black and white was my name. 

Now obviously, I know that I’m running for this office and I understand what that entails.  But I have not really had the time to think about the fact that people across the 147th district will be going to their polling places and seeing my name on the ballot…and deciding whether or not to mark my name as their candidate of choice. 

I’ve been a registered voter since I was eligible.  I have voted in every election, including those that required the use of an absentee ballot.  I’ve always felt that it’s a privilege to be able to choose those who govern my community, never imagining that one day, I would be one of those choices.

Yeah….think that I’ll be framing this, “sample ballot.”