Even though Mitt Romney may not be able to correctly account for where he was on 9/11, I remember it pretty vividly and recently found some videos I would like to share.

I was working at a tv station in Myrtle Beach, SC.   I woke up that morning just like any other, walking into the bathroom and turning on Howard Stern.  It was at a point where he was talking a bit frantically and it took a minute or two to figure out what he was talking about.  I rushed over to the TV and saw the 2nd plane hitting the tower.

As we eventually pulled away from the TV, I spent the afternoon at a local VFW post with former veterans who were glued to their bar stools watching the events unfold.

Here’s what happens when you mix fear, patriotism and alcohol:



Another piece I put together at the time was a news closing montage of some of the video coming in on the feeds (hey give me a break on the song… I didn’t have a choice and afterall, it was South Carolina)



And a few days later, I spent some time at a local elementary school where the kids were writing letters to the firefighters they were seeing on TV.

I can’t imagine what was going through their young minds:

What’s your story?