It was a great night for the Abt For Assembly Campaign Team and Support Staff.  Many thanks are due my campaign manager,  Bob Reynolds, my finance person, Diane Reynolds, and my Erie County volunteers, Mary Julian, Bob Chadwick, Molly and Fran McLaughlin, Z, Lisa Pieters, Tricia Kelly and  Mike Schraft,—and my Wyoming County team of supporters Cindy Appleton, Sue Meyer and Ann Burlingham.

Now on to November 6th with just over 7 weeks of strategic campaigning and strong effort required to win the general election.

To win—I will need the help of everyone who believes in my candidacy and those who might not be familiar with me, but have a strong desire for a government representative who will listen, care and work independently to help the 147th district.

So,if you want to join the Abt For Assembly Team in any way, please contact me through my website or FB page.  If you would be willing to support my campaign financially, you can donate through my website.  If you believe in my candidacy, please help spread the word that I am the Independence Party Candidate for the NYS Assembly in the 147th District, running with the endorsement of the Democratic and Working Families Parties.

Three election lines + great campaign support + grass roots outreach = Victory!