Before today's kickoff, I was watching a few games and got sad when I realized I was envious of Brandon Weeden. You see, he had just completed a pretty bomb for a touchdown and I had pretty much forgotten what it was like to see the deep ball. What made it sadder was that I was envious of a QB who was starting on a team with an 0-5 record.

How about the Colts? They aren't very good, but they clawed their way back to beat a hell of a great team in Green Bay. What stuck out was how great Andrew Luck played. You see teams like the Redskins and RGIII. Young promise, guys you feel are going to be here for the next 10 years. Those are silver linings. Not f#cken Fitzpatrick throwing for 12 touchdowns or the "It is only four games" crap. Are there any players on this team you are worried about if you are the opponent? I got nothing.



621 yards in total offense!

Look, I knew we were going to lose. I wasn't going to be shocked if we got blown out either. But 621 yards?? Alex Smith is not that fricken good. He hasn't had a 300-yard game since 2010. Before this year, there was a legitimate argument for taking Fitz over Smith. Um, yeah. We can stop that. We made Alex look like Joe Montana. He was amazing in the 1st half. We couldn't get pressure. We had receivers running after the catch like they were Jerry Rice and John Taylor.

Like last week, the Bills pushed the envelope when it came to losing badly. We are thriving to be bad. I'm so over this. I'm over spending 30 bucks on a sandwich and 2 beers at the bar. From now on, I'm watching the damn games on an illegal feed. I'm not giving these bastards any more money until I actually see a return on my investment. I'm 2 million down it feels like, so this will take a while.

The most surreal moment came toward the end of the 1st half. The Bills had just gotten a huge turnover and I assumed they would take a knee and get their asses to the locker room trailing by 7 points. I don't know what the timeout situation was, but I was begging them to get the fuck off the field. They were getting killed and needed to regroup. Lo and behold, Scott Chandler catches a pass and then fumbles. 49ers recover. Next play, TD. Game is pretty much over.

What made it so surreal was that I was arguing with people on Twitter about this. Some liked that we were trying to get points. Some were trying to make sense of the timeout situation. Some said it was the right call if Chandler doesn't fumble it. At about the 10th argumentative tweet, I just stopped caring. I stopped caring about winning the argument. What the hell is the point of arguing anymore? The Bills suck. Who cares at this point. It is like arguing about who started the nuclear arms race between Russia and America. Who cares! We are doomed either way!  At the end of the day, the Bills suck and we shouldn't argue anymore about why they suck. They just suck. Period.

—-Let's start with the offense. Well, it is not the ribs or David Lee. Just blame Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is terrible. I'm so sick of repeating that sentence. Every week. Ryan Fitzpatrick stinks. I'm sick of coming up with terrible stats to support the argument but without further ado, here is a stat: Fitz has thrown at least one interception in 12 of his last 17 games. The guy's confidence is shot. He can't even make the simple throws. Everything he touches turns to slime at this point. I can't even fricken list the bad throws anymore. They are all the fricken same. They go too long or they go too short. They go sideways or they go into the stands. They are just comical at this point. I think Fitz has lost his edge and confidence. He didn't make this many bad throws in 2010 and the start of 2011. Maybe we are just noticing more now. I don't know. I think Fitz is doing the same thing as us though. He's cracked. He knows he sucks. He's lost and he's overthinking everything.

—The Bills have given up over 1200 yards in two weeks. I don't think I have ever been this wrong about anything in the history of football. I thought this defense would be in the top 10. It wasn't some sort of stupid "Billieve" crap. I looked at the players. I looked at the Super Bowl champs and how their defense kicked Tom Brady's ass. I did my homework. How could I be this wrong? I know it has happened in the past, but I was certain this would be a top 10 defense. We have made Mark Sanchez and Alex Smith look like HOFers. The Bills have allowed 12 touchdowns via the pass. That's more than what they allowed through five games last year. They have allowed 176 points this season. They had only allowed 120 points at this point last year. Again, I have never been so wrong about a defense.

—Since I've been so wrong about the defense, I'm blaming the coaching. George Edwards must be laughing his ass off. Yeah, just get rid of him and promote the guy from the 90s. This defense was absolutely outcoached today. You don't just blame the players after allowing 97 points in two games. These individuals aren't that bad, right? I saw a bunch of passing lanes you could fly airplanes through. Huge gaping holes in the run defense. It is as if the defense is confused and has no answer. It is fricken tire fire. No adjustments. These guys were not ready to play today and I blame the coaching staff.

—I have a headache.

—Stevie Johnson has one 100-yard game in his last 27 games. Awesome sauce!

—The Bills are giving up 5.7 yards a carry ( Ranked 1st) and 171.1 yards rushing a game (ranked 3rd). Buffalo is now 3rd worst in the league in point differential (-58) and 2nd worst in points allowed.Yikes. (From Derek Jedamski)

—The Bills scoring summary this year is about as odd as you can get: Outscored 41-7 in the first two-and-a-half quarters against the Jets. Then outscored the Jets/Chiefs/Browns/Pats 97-48 for next 11 quarters. Then they get outscored 90-10 in the last 5-and-a-half quarters against the Pats/49ers. WTF!

—I'm just blabbering now.

—I guess you could chalk it up to injuries, but the Bills running game has fallen on hard times the last two weeks. Between Spiller and Jackson, the duo has rushed for 62 and 53 yards the last two weeks. For god's sake, the backup QB/WR or whatever the hell he's called (Brad Smith) led the team in rushing today. The offensive line we were drooling over in the first three weeks isn't opening up holes anymore. You can't be averaging 3 yards a carry over. They are especially having difficulty running to the outside. I know, injuries are a fact of life.  

—Why the hell can the 49ers make their wildcat version with Kapernick look so much better than ours? #becauseitsbuffalo

Final word: The saddest part in all of this is even if the Bills fired Wanny or Gailey, who the hell is going to want to come here? We went through this song and dance with the coach search from hell in 2009. It was hideous. Not sure if you guys remember, but we tried going after Jim Harbaugh and he flat out said no to us. Dude wouldn't even get on a plane to check out our wings. Why would anyone change his mind now? What has changed? Nothing. It has gotten worse. We are stuck with this and yes, we are fucked.