Alright, so the Pats didn't score 103 points, but it sure felt like it. Insert stupid joke that they just scored again.

What a fricken disaster.

We have seen some bad Pats/Bills games in the past. However, this one seemed to be every single game wrapped into one.  It was close at one point and became a disaster. Just like the McKelvin game or the Kelly Holcomb game. However, we couldn't just stop there. We needed to add more futility to this turd sandwhich. How about allowing 42 points during the time I went to the bathroom and ordered food? Delivered!

Just terrible.

The Bills have blown 9, 10, 11, 21 and 14 point leads to the Pats since 2005. The Pats have scored 52, 49, 35, 35 and 38 points against Buffalo in the last five games.

You can't make this stuff up.

It gets tiring to have them beat the snot out of the Bills. As I wrote last week, the only time we will be at a leveled playing field is when Brady and Hoodie retire. That notion couldn't be any truer after yesterday's game. The worst part about the game was the Bills were in control and completely choked. That's it. The Pat are great, but they are not that great. This is the NFL. You can't give up 42 points in 2nd half to anyone. It doesn't happen unless you get help and that help was the Bills choking.

We knew the Pat were coming back after it was 21-7 and the Bills completely shit their pants and didn't know what to do. They were helpless because they don't have the mental capacity to do deal with adversity like that. It felt like I was watching Super Bowl XXVII all over again. Just a team weltering under the pressure of playing in the NFL.

—I think we can just stop with the Dave Wannstedt being some sort of legendary defensive mind. Maybe he was good in Dallas and Miami because Jimmy Johnson knew talent and Wanny was just riding his coattails. I don't know if that was Lawrence Maroney or Corey Dillion we saw yesterday, but last I checked, I thought the Pats didn't know how to run the ball? 247 yards on the ground is ridiculous. Just absurd. I can't stop scoffing at that stat. Brady beating us is never a shock, but their running game? They pretty much used the Bills own formula against them and spread the field to have the running back have more lanes and less defenders to run through. Back to Wanny, can we get a 2nd half adjustment, buddy?  I know Brady can eat up the blitz, but that offensive line was a tire fire entering this game. If you aren't getting to Brady and he's killing your secondary, maybe you try and change tactics. You know, adjust? Also, if you have your nickel package in while the Pats are running it down your throat, you may want to put in a fat guy or two into the lineup. I guess Wanny will adjust the defense on Tuesday.

—Mario Williams may want to show up against the AFC East. The d-line was a fricken train wreck. Try a stunt for the love of God. Have Mario go inside and Dareus to the outside after a snap. That's a stunt. Been around for 30 years. Try something. I know the Bills strategy was to let the Pats beat them with the run instead of the pass, but the problem was that they still beat the Bills with the pass AND the run. Place that on coaching and the Dline.

-Speaking of the AFC East, the Bills are 4-22 against the division since 2008. They have lost to the likes of Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel, Chad Henne, and Matt Moore during that stretch. So, you can't blame Brady for all their problems.

—Yeah, I'm getting sick and tired off seeing Fitz get garbage time stats. By my account, he has four touchdown passes this year when the Bills are down by 21 points or more. Speaking of garbage, What else can I say about Fitz? He had guys open and for the same reason he missed guys against the Giants last year, he just can't make deep throws. The one to TJ Graham and the one to Stevie Johnson on one of their famous garbage time drives, were ones that stick out. Again, if Fitz has to attempt more than 35 passes, the Bills are doomed. Fitz now has 15 interceptions in his last 5 games against the Pats. He has two interceptions or more in nine of his last 15 games. Nice guy, great story, but not a franchise QB.

—Stevie Johnson just looks like he's going to explode. And I'm not talking about on the field. Every time it seems like Fitz misses him, his expression resembles something along the lines of "This is my QB? FUCK!" He has just one 100-yard performance in his last 24 games.

—I liked the play of  Scott Chandler and Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore was very aggressive with pass breakups and I'm not sure why the Bills didn't try putting him on Welker. Don't you want your best CB on their best WR? Oh, right…Wannstedt doesn't make game adjustments until Tuesday. As for Chandler, he's a TD machine. Alright, machine is a bit much, but in comparison to his past TE predecessors, he looks great. 8 of his 10 career TDs with the Bills have come in the months of September.

–At least the Bills are tied for first place in the AFC East.

–Some fans and media were making a big spectacle because the Bills took out Fred Jackson for CJ Spiller -who fumbled- near the goal line towards the end of the first half. First off, the hit that jarred the ball loose was lethal. When CBS stops to show you a real time replay in order to hear that hit, it is not about a fumbling problem or how certain writers like Fred's quotable ways, it is called football. It is called a kick ass hit causing a fumble. Of course, we can't write or talk about anything without making it into a controversy, right? I'm not sure how the Bills will utilize Jackson/Spiller going forward, but to declare that "Fred is having a great game! Don't take him out" is misguided because he wasn't having a great game. He was having a good game and people were forgetting how well CJ played during the first three games.

—Speaking of the running game, they needed to stop running to the outside yesterday. They had no success with Spiller/Jackson doing that. They had better success running north/south, but kept trying to run to the outside. No clue why. 

Final word: I still think it is a remote possibility this team can win 10-games because their schedule is easy, but you can forget about doing damage. Our best bet is to strive to be KC Chiefs of 2010. Crappy playoff team with a crappy schedule. However, I'm still wondering about the mental toughness aspect of this team. They couldn't handle winning last year and lost 7 of their last 8 games. Teams normally don't go from 5-2 to 6-10, do they? They also don't give up 42 points in 25 minutes. They don't go a year without winning a road game. They don't go 12-24. But somehow, the Bills always find ways to broaden their horizons when chasing after the brass ring of futility.