The Bills played a football game yesterday, and I wanted to share my quick recap. I figure, if everyone else can have one, then why the hell can't I? Onward!
Bills' MVP- Stevie Johnson: 5 catches, 71 yards, and 1 TD. As I said in my last piece, I've done a 180 on him. He did a great job on weak secondary, and was on the business end of what I thought was the best pass Fitzpatrick has thrown all year. A TD pass of 27 yards over the middle late in the 3rd. Bills had trips right with Stevie isolated on the right side. He was 1-on-1 w/ Jason McCourty and beat him on a nice slant. Fitz led him beautifully, hit him in stride at the 10 yard line and Stevie walked on in. Fitz's TD to Donald Jones was nice as well.

Bills' Goat- The Defense: You saw it, you read about it, you know the numbers. What's more embarrassing? The Bills couldn't stop a 4th and 10 at home with the game on the line, or that Bill Polian, Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Darryl Talley were all there to witness another deplorable defensive performance? Embarrassing all around. Another thing that was very noticeable about the Bills defense yesterday are the Linebackers inability to shed blocks. Once these guys get locked up, they're done.
Play of the Game: Chris Johnson's 83-yard TD. I know the Bills answered w/ Brad Smith's KR on the ensuing play, but that TD seemed to suck the life out of the fans and the Bills' defense. Bills lined up in a base 4-3 defense and as soon as Johnson is given the ball the Titans O-Lineman have the Bills D-lineman stood up. All 3 LBs are just engulfed by the line and the fullback. Johnson hits a big hole over the left side and is off.
Chan Gailey being a moron moment:  The Bills not going for 2 after Stevie's touchdown in itself should be a fireable offense. If you score a TD that puts you up 5, you attempt the 2. Coaching 101. But that's not even the stupidest thing Chan Gailey did yesterday. Ryan Fitzpatrick attempted 35 passes. Spiller and Jackson, the two best players on offense, touched the ball a combined 35 times. CJ Spiller was averaging 5.8 yards a carry up until Fitz's interception. Why CJ only had 12 carries is beyond me. It's beyond ANYONE! When you have a guy in Spiller who is avg 7+ yards a carry he needs to touch the ball a lot more then 18 times. He needs to handle the ball himself 25+. I've said numerous times that in order for the Bills to win, Fitz can only attempt somewhere b/t 20-25 passes a game. 30+ attempts means he's bound to do something stupid, and he did. Why the Bills were passing the ball with 3:03 left in the 4th quarter while trying to protect a lead with a QB who is turnover prone while not giving the ball to one of your two best players is not just a fireable offense, it should be a public egging. Chan Gailey: Master play caller.
Ryan Fitzpatrick being Ryan Fitzpatrick Moment: The interception yes, but the fact that this NFL Starting QB -who is making $60 million dollars- can't operate a 2 minute drive with two timeouts in the 4th QTR WHILE AT HOME and not being able to get you into FG range is deplorable. Both the Bills and the Patriots played at home yesterday. Both teams needed a FG to either tie or win the game. Brady walked his team down the field with precision, accuracy and urgency and led the Pats to game tying FG and win in OT. Meanwhile in Orchard Park, Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn't get out of his own way. Here is what Fitz did in his 2 minute drill: 1st Down: 6-yard dump pass to Fred Jackson.. 2nd and 4: Chandler over the middle for 2 yards: 3rd and 2: Incomplete to Chandler. 4th and 2: Incomplete to Johnson. Game Over. A more sickening spectacle I can not recall. Well maybe I can if I think about it..
Announcing Fail: Before the Bills trotted out Shawn Powell for his brilliant 22 yard "Shank You Very Much" punt, CBS put this stat: BUFFALO BILLS: LAST TIME BILLS DID NOT PUNT IN A GAME: 9/13/92 vs San Franciso. It then led to this masterful exchange between Marv Albert and the obviously more than once concussed Rich Gannon:
Marv: Last time the Bills didn't punt in a game was in 1992 vs San which you were where..?
Rich: Oakland..
Marv: *2 second pause* Uh Yes.
Uhhhh..NO! Rich Gannon, who obviously either wasn't A) Listening. B) Not reading the stat or C) Unaware that in 1992 the Oakland Raiders were the Los Angeles Raiders. Rich didn't get to Oakland until 1999. Where was Rich during the 1992 season? Minnesota. Good job, good effort Rich. The above exchange took place after the 2nd and 25 play in the 4th with about 6 minutes left. I'm sure we will get more crappy D-level announcing teams now that we are at the bottom of the division.