by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills continue to strive for some form of consistency on both sides of the ball during the 2012 season. One thing I have noticed about this offense is their inability to sustain drives and come away with points after moving the ball. This year has just seen a tremendous amount of inconsistent play on both sides of the ball but it’s the offense that is denying the defense the opportunity to make crucial in game adjustments. This is why my major focus is on the offensive side of the ball because if you can sustain your drives it’s crucial time for defensive coaches to make in game adjustments.

So offensively we are once again seeing a lot of injuries on our offensive line with Cordy Glenn, and Craig Urbik both out with early season foot injuries has hurt the continuity that the offensive line needs to be effective. Now the good news about this scenario is that our back up offensive linemen Chris Hairston, and Chad Rhinehart has a lot of game experience.

The offensive coaching staff needs to just to do a better job of disguising the bread and butter plays of the Bills. These are the plays that team’s know you are going to run but because of team strategy, and execution these plays work consistently. This is one of the key points of being successful during a long NFL season. Unfortunately during the Nix /Gailey tenure consistency has been a missing piece of the Bills performance on the field.

Once again in analyzing their recent win in Arizona the offense continued to struggle even though they came away with a hard earned win on the road. My criticism again sits at the feet of Chan Gailey, and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. It just seems that Fitzpatrick’s struggles has hampered the play calling of Chan Gailey this season, and I wonder how long can the head coach keep expressing public confidence in his starting

Downtown Stadium Update

Once again we will be addressing the Buffalo Common Council’s Community Development Committee on October 23rd, at 1:00PM. This time a major development Proposal will be made to the committee on the building of a Multi-Use stadium, Convention, and Entertainment Complex.

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