by Alberta Parish


Some of the things I’d hear people say in church when I attended as a former Christian makes me wonder why I stayed in Christianity as long as I did. If I’d known what I know today concerning the origin of Christ and Christianity, I would’ve walked away from organized religion many years ago. I guess it was meant for me to go through those experiences so that today I could help others to free themselves from the chains of organized religion as well as spiritual enslavement. It is no easy task to deprogram those whose mind has been completely programmed to believe in ancient fairytales called the Bible. However, if I can gain freedom from organized religion after 23 years, so can you.Many years ago, my pastor told us that she saw Jesus. She said that he was a homeless man with blue eyes, which was the color of the sea. Back then, I was fascinated by the story as any child would be. The only problem is I was an adult when I heard this story and not a child. Prior to me leaving Christianity in April of 2011, this same pastor began telling her congregation that Jesus was a black man. Ironically, it was only until after I was told that Jesus was a black man that I had a dream about a black Jesus.
A few months before my dream about a black Jesus, I had a dream about a white Jesus.When it comes to religious indoctrination, the mind sees exactly what it wants to see. The mind is a powerful spirit that can be used to enhance your intelligence or it can be used to enslave your intelligence. Early biblical writers had one thing in mind: control over the population. They knew that if they could control the human mind, they could control every aspect of a person’s existence. The mind is what makes your human experience real. I wanted to see a black Jesus after my pastor began indoctrinating us about a black Jesus, and my mind had fulfilled my desire to see a black Savior. I also wanted to continue justifying my belief system.Today, I know that Jesus never historically existed as a human being, the biblical Nazareth where Jesus supposedly grew up was a fictional place, and the New Testament was an invention by a Roman “elite” family known as the Pisos. According to Joseph Atwill, Abelard Reuchlin, Francesco Carotta and other credible author-historian-investigative reporters, Christianity, Christ and the New Testament were invented by the Romans and that Jesus is a fictional literary character based on a mere mortal’s life.
The War of the Jews was written by the Roman-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus in which he described a history of the war between the Romans and Jews in the first century. Ironically, Josephus’ writings in The War of the Jews correlates to certain events found in the Four Gospels. In addition, Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar’s Messiah, had discovered similarities as well as an exact sequence of events between the ministry of Jesus and the military campaign of Titus Flavius who had led his army into Jerusalem, defeated the Judean rebels, and destroyed Solomon’s temple in 70 CE. Thousands of Judean rebels were mercilessly slaughtered by the Romans. Thousands more were dispersed across the Roman world, and were sold into slavery. Judean rebels taken captive by the Romans were also forced into slavery as gladiators. Many of them died in the coliseums of ancient Rome.
According to official history, Josephus was born in 37 CE to a royal family in Judea called the Maccabees. He was very knowledgeable in Judaic laws and traditions. When the Jewish rebellion began in 66 CE, Josephus led the Judean revolutionary army of Galilee, and was later taken hostage and brought before the Roman Emperor Vespasian.
According to my research, a Roman aristocrat named Arrius Calpurnius Piso had written in the pen name of Flavius Josephus. Writing under the name Josephus, Piso had written books to correlate to the Gospel accounts, the Pauline writings and the Book of Revelation. The War of the Jews was written between 75-80 CE. The Antiquities of the Jews was written between 90-93 CE. Piso is responsible for the creation of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Luke, and the second version of Mark. The first version of Mark (i.e. Ur Marcus) was written around 60 CE by Lucius Calpurnius Piso, grandfather of Arrius Piso. The son of Arrius Piso, Justus had written the Gospel of John around 105 CE. Julius Piso had written the Book of Revelation many years later.
Biblical forgers are responsible for the creation of all 66 books of the King James Bible and all other biblical versions.


It is time for everyone trapped in all fraudulent belief systems to make their exit. In the next 100 years, I doubt if the world will remember a Jewish savior named Jesus. Christianity is only important in these times because a new religion has not stolen its concepts, and made war upon Christendom to replace it as the new religious power. The same zealotry you see for Christ is the same zealotry human beings had many thousands of years ago for the Son of the sun god Ra known as Heru. In addition, Heru was the first-born child of Asar and Aset. If you’ve seen one savior, you’ve seen them all.From the sun god of ancient Egypt to the Eastern savior deity Krishna to the prophet Muhammad, all religious beliefs are based on ancient stories told and retold for thousands of years. Some of these stories had their origins in earlier belief systems while others originated from the land of make believe. All religious-spirituality systems are mind control programming.A common denominator for these beliefs always goes back to the rulers who presided over the churches or temples of their time. Just like the Roman Emperor was the Pontifex Maximus, which was the high priest over Rome’s state religious system, the Illuminati bloodlines today control the world’s religious systems. Any elite family who would rob you blind and enslave you for thousands of years cannot be true believers in Jesus or Jehovah. However, it is beneficial for them when the average Joe or Sally believes in Jesus, or a Higher Source outside of themselves. The purpose of religion is to keep you enslaved under the control of wealthy “elite” families who have dominated the world, and controlled much of the world’s wealth and resources for thousands of years.The “elites” have ruled over humanity for thousands of years and continue to do so because much of the world’s population is theocratic. Most people have been indoctrinated to believe in ethereal beings with extraordinary powers who controls the world and humanity. People have been brainwashed to accept the notion that these beings are omnipotent and omnipresent spiritual entities that we cannot see with the naked eye, but must believe are real.
However, seeing is believing. If you can’t see them, they don’t exist!It is time for all religious fanatics to stop lying to yourself, and stop living in the world of illusion in which a white savior will reappear, and whisk you off to a magical land in the sky. Christianity is a fraudulent religion, and has no place in a so-called civilized society. Biblical teachings destroys the human psyche and is a detriment to the advancement of humanity. You’ve seen what Islam and Judaism has done to the world. What makes you think Christianity is any better? What makes you think that our rulers won’t turn America into a theocratic Christian state? They perpetuate the idea that there is separation between church and state. However, our government leaders are constantly infusing religious rhetoric with their political speeches in order to gain supporters and voters. Religion and politics go hand in hand. There is nothing separate about religion and politics.


Early European rulers had made themselves the head of the Church like King Henry VIII, and during his reign many people were accused of heresy and put to death. Time and time again, history has shown us that when rulers use religious dogma to justify their actions, the Salem witch trials happen.I believe many current laws governing our actions today are predicated upon religious beliefs. Religious people don’t leave their ideologies at home. They also bring these ideologies into the work place. Religious ideologies determines the concepts behind state laws.
Christianity has a long bloody history of brutality upon suspected heretics and non-Christians. Most practicing Christians (particularly black Christians) are unaware that the Roman Catholic Church sanctioned the Portuguese trade in African slaves in 1441. Most people don’t know that Mormons once considered it a sin to be a black person.
I was told countless times while being indoctrinated in Christianity that it is a sin to wear pants. Therefore, I’m not surprised that there are human beings who believe that being a black person is a sin.What gets me the most about Christians is they refuse to learn the truth behind the very beliefs they force others to accept. As an atheist, I know more about Christianity than most Christians.It is time for Christians to stop making excuses for why the world is fucked up especially since they are so quick to claim that Jesus came to save humanity from our sins. If Christ came to save us, then why aren’t humanity being saved?
bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.