I’m starting to think West Seneca is one of the most corrupt town governments in Western New York. In 2009, the voters overwhelmingly voted to downsize the town board. The people have had enough of unnecessary politicians and government. Now, in typically underhanded fashion, the town leaders are trying to schedule a vote to “upsize” itself…

“Sadly, ever since voters demanded downsizing, your behavior has
reflected, at best, a disdain for the wishes of town voters,” Gaughan
said Monday in a letter to Supervisor Sheila M. Meegan and Councilmen
Eugene P. Hart and John M. Rusinski. “You’ve whined, bickered and made
endless excuses for purposeful failure.

“Worse,” the letter
continued, “you’ve made no effort to adapt to three-member board
governance, a system which exists in tens of thousands of towns
throughout our nation.”

I have to blame the residents of West Seneca themselves. They elected Meegan, the daughter of one of Western New York’s most all-time corrupt political hacks, Chris Walsh. Walsh is the right hand man to Steve Pigeon, THE most corrupt political figure in modern Western New York history. Everyone and their brother knows these two guys are crooked. Did they really think the daughter was going to somehow fall far from the tree? 

A citizen, who probably is dependent on town government (Dan Warren), couldn’t even gather the required number of signatures to put the referendum on the ballot. (Probably because most residents want LESS representation.) I really wish I lived in West Seneca, so I could attend a meeting and publicly make fun of the man who thinks the town needs more politicians. Fortunately, there is no doubt in my mind Gaughan’s forces will reeducate the residents and explain to them exactly what these government-reliant crooks are trying to pull down there. Meanwhile, the site of the former Seneca Mall continues to sit vacant. I still remember seeing The Karate Kid II there.
Gaughan blasts W. Seneca board on ‘up-sizing vote’ – The Buffalo News