Several years ago I traveled to Seneca Falls, NY.  My purpose was to experience the Women’s Rights National Historic Park and the Women’s Hall of Fame. 


The day I spent there was life-changing in that I came to understand the mental and physical abuses that women suffered in fighting for my right to vote.  That day also ultimately led to my choice to run for the NYS Assembly and why I constantly remind women to register, vote and become more politically active. 

Women have a true power that brings opposing people together and makes the impossible happen.  I have witnessed such things in the presence of women whose devotion to a cause has changed their lives, our communities and the world.  So recently, when I received the endorsement of the Washington, DC national Women’s Campaign Fund, I was not only honored by their consideration of my candidacy…..I was thrilled knowing that the power of women across the nation are now supporting me in my race.

Just as my campaign slogan states,  “All For All.”