And so, here we are.  The last day of this campaign is upon us and I am somewhat at loose ends as I am at home caring for my aging dog/faithful friend, Hershey.  So I am doing what any writer does at times such as this, I am reflecting and writing.

It’s a tough choice to run for office.  In my case, my family did not want me to run, my personal experience in Erie County’s contentious red/green budget left me discontent and the politicos who encouraged me to tackle this NYS Assembly race told me I would be considered by all as, “a sacrificial lamb.”   But somewhere deep inside, I knew that this was the time.  This was the place.  This was the district.  So, I made the choice to run.

One of the things that I anticipated about my candidacy were media endorsements—particularly the editorial endorsements of the Buffalo News.  All of my adult life I have poured over those public statements of candidate support, imagining the challenges and ultimate elation in winning over the News Editorial Board. 

Yet, to my great disappointment, this year The News decided not to  endorse any of the NYS Assembly Races.  While I can understand the staffing and space issues that dictated their decision, the fact that The News is THE daily newspaper in our community made their choice disheartening.

But then this morning, I received an email from a friend congratulating me on my latest endorsement.  The friend said that Alan Bedenko, a popular, insightful and often controversial WNY blogger/Artvoice Columnist, had chosen me in the 147th Race. 

I  googled a link to Alan’s endorsements and read through each race, from presidential, to congress, to senate.  And then there it was—the 147th Assembly Race.

“Christina Abt is a brilliant writer, a lover of the region, and someone who has proven her ability to reach across the aisle to get things done. DiPietro has become a Rus Thompson-like perennial candidate, and his tea party ideals certainly play well on obscure Google groups and listservs, but his political inflexibility contrasts starkly with Abt’s flexible pragmatism.”

 The ultimate affirmation of my life’s work as a pubilc servant and community activist ….and eveything I ever imagined in an editorial endorsement.