by Chris Stevenson

Well… evidently ‘We’re White so We’re Better than You’ may be the new feel-good for many out there, it can even win some state-wide elections, but it won’t get you inside the Oval Office without a vacuum cleaner and dust-rags. As a direct result of that, the man called “the president of white male America” by columnist Maureen Dowd, is forced to dry his tears with dollar bills from his offshore accounts amidst the shrinking of his base population.

A population that seemingly didn’t demand anything from him but his lack of melanin. This is something for him to think about if he decides to run in 2016, and he attempts to wade through even more kooks during the GOP Primary and either Hillary, Deval, Cory or whomever will survive the Democratic Primary.

I really think there is a candidate out there among republicans that was capable of beating Obama, I’m just thankful they were too blinded by their own racism to find him or her. Thank you tea associates (Not a real party btw) and Donald Trump. Thank you for not figuring out that in the real world (the world before 2012) even white people want to see your economic plan, and your tax returns instead of hearing your ethno-masturbatory snide remarks to African Americans, Latinos, and women. Thank you for overlooking the fact that if you ignore the number of whites within that 47% it won’t win you jack, and that could prove to have been the difference.


Angry white students at Ole’ Miss go into riot mode after Obama victory-cs

Mitt and his supporters put all of their time, money and energy towards an outdated “Isis Papers” fear campaign, when he could have won easily by being kinder and gentler. He even threatened public broadcasting by attacking it’s face; a children’s educational show Muppet. How dumb can you be? He was high on whiteness. Only an attitude-problem from way back refuses to slow his roll of anti-social behavior. Mitt always embraced his part as spoiled-brat-in-chief and he dragged it all the way up into middle-age.

His contempt for common working people is best illustrated through his dealings as head of Bain Capital. Voters reasoned why should he change as US President? And they voted accordingly, leaving him to scratch his head wondering what happened, and lie about the answer. He also leaves a short-list of clueless, dimwitted Hollywood celebrity supporters with their mouths hanging open; Stacey Dash, Ted Nugent, Clint Eastwood, and Chuck Knucklehead Norris among others.

Romney only lost the popular vote by 3,196,433, according to the last count I saw. What I’m wondering is why Obama only garnered 55% of the women votes? What were the other 40-something percent thinking? They got their own cigarette, and own reality shows, And an equal pay law, who needs a uterus? Latinos voted for Obama at 66%, and although strong attempts were made to compromise the black vote, “Pookie” and “Ray-Ray” got back up off the couch to add to what is well over 90%. All these votes in various states swayed the Electoral Votes to a whopping 332-206.

Pookie of course represents the most unsophisticated element in the black community, the element that generally keeps the hood a hood. He, along with his BFF Ray-Ray, are known best for their uncanny ability to only want short-range services i.e. anything they can obtain in 15 minutes; money, drugs, sex. Voting requires some long-range thinking and keeping up with political news over street-rumors and hip-hop trends, hence it’s lack of appeal to Pookie. But according to the sheer numbers and an article by the Huffington Post Black Voices; in spite of no direct promises or campaigning in the black community “Obama has energized the streets to take to take part in politics, leading gang members, drug dealers, and hip hop stars to turnout to the polls.” This campaign’s black voter turnout exceeds even the one in ’08 in many areas. Insults among those in mainstream media and even so-called black conservatives that marginalize the power of black voters should come to a complete halt once you realize the genius of Obama using this double-standard. Romney publicly appealing to Pookie-assuming he was even aware of him-would shock his supporters and make him look even more racist. An appeal to the cracks and crevices of rural America for Pookie’s white counterpart “Billy Bob” would be needless, Billy Bob was always politically aware despite his personal issues.

While it’s unclear whether Obama’s 61,678,507 votes proved to be just cushion that protected him from tossed black votes by suspect machines owned by firms contributing funds to Romney’s campaign, what is clear is the stock market drop that immediately followed the Dow Jones climb to 48 points the morning after Election Day, just before the market opened. Just one of a whole array of economic issues that await the President as Americans weigh the difference between the recession’s end and the ongoing deficit. Black President, white infrastructure.

While in truth much of these economic and military problems are carry-overs from Bush, Obama still bears responsibility for quite a bit. He just doesn’t want to take the blame for war spending because he knows he would have taken a bullet if he abruptly halted the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan soon after he took office.

In the meantime there is little mystery as to why Romney lost, people all over the country are talking about it. It’s just poetic irony that his 58,482,074 votes only amounted to the same amount of voters that he castigated weeks ago; 47% (actually 47.9). I’m sure he could care less about looking into the actual makeup of that 47%, pssst… the majority are white: 1-Of the non-elderly Medicaid recipients 48% are white, 28% Latino, and 22% are black. 2-Farmers, mostly white and subsidies ran up to $95 billion over the past 5 years, 3-Corporate America; The top 30 corporations (yes including Mitt’s Bain Capital) pay no taxes at all. 4-Red States; Mitt forgot to tell you the largest concentration of these slackers comes from red states. 5-Working poor; 47% of these are children, 33% white, 22% black and 16.7% Hispanic. 6-Disabled Children (14 million), 7-and disabled adults (5.5 million), 8-and young couples who qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit. All Romney did was choose stereotypes over facts the same as white politicians had been doing regarding blacks and welfare since Reagan, but that’s Ok for now, there’s no telling the scorched-earth policies and outrageous financial schemes we avoided. Romnesia at the voting booth is a good thing.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, Political Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network for clbTV. Sign his Petition to permanently Abolish the Death Penalty @ Respond to him on the link below.