Erie County ComptrollerElect Stefan Mychajliw is looking for qualified candidates to serve in his administration.

“We encourage folks to share this link with friends and family so that we can cast as wide a net as possible to find qualified applicants.  One way to put an end to the ‘friends and family’ plan is to ensure county jobs are posted in an open, honest, and transparent manner.  My administration will lead by example by making sure everyone has a fair chance at the privilege of working as a public servant,” said Comptroller-Elect Stefan Mychajliw.

Areas that need to be filled include:
Deputy Comptroller: Finance
Deputy Comptroller: Audit
Associate Deputy Comptroller
Clerks: Accounting and Billing

Mychajliw points out that Party affiliation doesn‘t marty, “We won’t ask and we don’t care what political party you belong to.”

Job descriptions, duties, and potential salaries are all posted on the website.  Applicants will be able to submit resumes and cover letters on-line.