by Chris Stevenson

By now the shooting in that Newtown CT school is common knowledge. Yet how many of you know that the day before in Michigan republicans pushed a bill allowing guns in schools? Insane you say, I must be making this up? Unless this country is ready to not just talk gun control, but outlaw and enforce it, these incidents will only increase. A lot of people are tying in the mentally-ill angle since this is no-doubt the perception of the shooter. What is the difference between a crazed person or a crazed gunman? In most cases the victim survives, in China a man-possibly a copycat living under a gun-ban-stabbed 22 grade-school children. Thus far all are still alive. Gun laws save lives, maybe not all lives for you nitpickers out there, but enough lives to make it rational.

America is the most powerful nation in the world, It is also the most confused nation in the world. After being unable to prevent previous mass-shootings in public, speculation ranges between the two most popular causes as to why a 20-year-old “man”-whose name is unworthy of mention-would unload on some school kids and the staff who tried to shield them; gun-control or mental illness. In truth there really is no debate, a simple look into the home of the shooter shows two ingredients that led up to this tragedy; incredibly stupid single-mother who apparently displayed an array of assault weapons to the point where they were accessible to her son. At this point it really isn’t important if he has a mental-illness, behavioral problem, or just plain normal, if you’re a parent you just don’t do that. That shooting was the result of a lack of common-sense-control.

America has been grooming and turning our young boys into killers for decades now, the culture of violence didn’t just materialize full-blown. From video games to violent rap-videos the message has been clear. Kill, Kill, Kill. Action adventure movies and TV shows have played their part in lowering the value of human life. In days past the media wasn’t such a negative influence, young people during the ’60′s and ’70′s watched James Bond, Shaft, Bruce Lee, and Buford Pusser, accepted it as fantasy, and went on with life. Today’s youth seem very unable to do that, why? The common thread could be that most of these offenders come from single-parent homes, today’s single-mom is vastly different from yesterday’s single-mothers. Sheniqua is no match for Miss Johnson no kinds of way. Sorry but the truth is the light.



Heroic Sandy Hook school Principle Dawn Hocksprung-cs

I lost my mother just last summer, and the thing about her that sticks out in my mind is her ability to make tough decisions regarding me and my older sister, regardless of her love for us. Sheniqua is simply unable or unwilling to do that, she strives to be her boy’s friend. Almost boyfriend. There were times I thought my mom and dad were the new Hitler, didn’t understand it back then. I did after I grew up. Thank you mother. My mother didn’t give a fuck about Dr. Spock or Oprah, would have whipped they ass if they said some of that no-spanking shit to her. Teachers complained about me, they and my mom became tag-team partners, teachers complain about Ray Ray, Sheniqua gets mad at the teacher. Ray Ray is happy. Ray Ray will be in prison before he is 19.

The rash of conversations calling for gun-control is really part-hypocrisy, part-racist-by-omission. These Columbine-type shootings are different from the culture of urban violence that menaces most of the major cities, completely different mindset although the lone commonality is single-parent home and lack of corporal punishment. Most of these people say nothing when black youth kill blacks, in fact more than a few got some perverse satisfaction from that. Today no one can afford to be satisfied. Black boys who join gangs or decide to sell drugs are filling the gap of parental control or discipline at home, or they are mesmerized by the allure of material things constantly being advertised through commercials or one of their peers. Their’s is a targeted shooting-not that they are always accurate-under order of some shot-caller, or territorial beef. The outrage as a result of any black kid shooting up a school would bring them more attention than they wish to have, not to mention the inconvenience of not having a custom-rim car, Android phone, PlayStation, and the latest gear while locked-up in Attica or San Quinton. White boys on the other hand are another matter completely.

Many of these young white mass-shooters come from privilege don’t they? Making many of us wonder what’s their beef? They have no real beef, whenever any youth always get their way, they become bored and depressed. Much of white culture is an amoral culture, skin-color has pulled them through a lot of trouble over the years, mix these factors together and you got your next killer. Endless stories of them cursing and screaming at their parents in public abound, it’s really the beginning of narcissism. Narcissism becomes a mental illness if allowed to go on for years and years without opposing response.

Many of you will will bug-out over my solution to your or they’re ill-mannered children. How can I know more than the “experts?” Totally ignoring how pop-culture has played expert with the imagination of your poor innocent babies. I know this about some of you based on my posts on the paddle being “the original total-transformation.” The paddle when used skillfully (younger parents can have an unbalanced view on spankings, doing it in anger, or overdoing it amounts to abuse which stands to have the same result as no spankings) is cheaper than all these drugs used to pacify behavior or break the child. Your kid is not a horse, but they need to learn right and wrong exists, and you are the prime teacher. Teaching them respect and parameters is not breaking them. Killing their energy and thirst for knowledge is breaking them. Good discipline at home scares today’s police departments and court systems. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is “classified” mentally-ill. How can they make money off you if there is no youth crime? Eventually many will be laid-off and some court buildings will be closed. The criminal justice system and prison industrial complex’ biggest fear is that today’s flaky and fearful parents will wake up.

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