• Class sizes have grown, school buildings have been closed, and schools have cut advance placement courses, tutoring, career and technical education, arts, music, sports, foreign languages, kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, high school electives and more.
  • More than 30,000 educators have been cut from our schools
  • We need an approach to school finance which does not overburden local property taxpayers, is fair and equitable, and provides the opportunity for all students to receive a quality education


  • The State has significantly reduced its role in funding our schools and passed the burden on to local communities. Ten years ago the state covered almost 50% of the costs of educating students, now the State covers only 40%.  State funding for schools is now below what it was 4 years ago and this does not even account for inflation.
  • The combination of the newly imposed cap on state school aid and the cap on local funding through property taxes will force schools to continue cutting the quality of education year in and year out.
  • New York State has largely abandoned its commitments under the Campaign for Fiscal Equity to provide statewide funding for a “sound, basic education” which is the constitutional obligation.

EDUCATE NY NOW! unifies parents, students, educators, administrators, unions, school board members, community organizations, civil rights groups, education advocates and others statewide around a broad-based campaign to demand that our state government fulfills New York’s constitutional obligation to provide all students with a quality education.