This will be quick and as noncreative as possible.

I just witnessed the Islanders kicking the shit out of the Buffalo Sabres. I'm sure some of you did as well.  I thought the Winnipeg game was bad, but this was like comparing the Seahawks game to the Jets season opener from this past Bills season…or…it was like comparing Water World to Howard the Duck….or…It was like comparing Gettysburg to the Battle of the bulge. "Can the Sabres top that moment of futility on a weekly basis?" is where we are at now.

After a week in which we eulogized Lindy Ruff as being Michael Corleone stepping down from the family, I think we have to look at the entire Sabres family and realize one thing: They all need to go.


Not Miller. Not Vanek. Not Grigomania. No one. The entire team is a junkyard fire, tire fire, forest fire, grease fire and 7 Hells fire all in one. It is over. I wrote back in December that the Bills needed to lose out in order to fire Chan Gailey. I'm doing the same thing now with the Sabres. The worst thing that happened to this team was two years ago when they went on their run to 7th and almost beat Philly in the playoffs. We overrated it (Like we do with all of our teams) because we were whisked away in Pegula Power. It was a fluke. An anomaly.

Of course, when you are Darcy Regier, you treat anomalies as facts. That year made everyone think we were better than we were. They extended everyone. They threw money at guys who didn't deserve it (Myers, Gerbe, McCormick and Stafford). Yes, I was one of those douche bags who fell for it. But in hindsight, it screwed this team. If they continued to play poorly and we didn't get so wrapped up in Pegulamania, they would have fired everyone or at least not been so quick to re-sign everyone and their mother. They would have changed more of their guys, I have no doubts.

That's why they need to bottom out this year. No heroic runs. No trading for Brad Boyes. None of that. Sell, Darcy, sell…and then sell Darcy off to the Indians.

As I wrote on Facebook today, Darcy Regier is worse at being a GM than Lindy is at being a coach. I can easily say I may have firing remorse when it comes to Lindy down the road. But there is no way in hell I'd say that about Darcy. He's the fricken antichrist of NHL GMs. This team is terrible and anyone who had visions of them turning it around after Lindy's dismissal must not have a roster page up on their computer. This is not LA or Pittsburgh talent, folks. Scotty Bowman couldn't coach up this overrated squad that Darcy Regier shitted out of his X-Box.

He needs to be let go. Oh, and about that extension? How about  we give him some new stupid title as Executive of Player development or Development of nachos & cheese. He needs to be stripped of his powers ASAP. I don't want to glorify him for getting a 1st round pick for Goose or give him a parade because he traded Kassian for Hodgson. Enough. Let's broaden our horizons a bit in this town, please?

You are what your record says you are. It is over. Finished. I don't want to hear someone try and talk me off the edge. If I was on Twitter right now (Gave it up for Lent), I'd block everyone who said Darcy should be given more time or that The Amerks resemble the 1980 USA Olympic team.  If you can't get on the "Fire Darcy" bandwagon after this week, then you need to be drug tested.

This is an embarrassment. 65-million dollars down the drain.  With that..this piece of diatribe has ended.

Go Sabres and fire everyone!