Could OJ become a free man? Did his previous lawyers pull a David Kleinfeld? Did he not know his crew had guns with them when they raided a hotel room to get his memorabilia back?

Do we even care? Did we forget he existed?

Seriously, was there even an article, talk show topic or a 30 second local news package about how OJ is trying to get out of jail? There was nothing on Twitter, except a few jokes about his photos and how he looked old and on helium.

The guy couldn’t be anymore of a black sheep when it comes to Buffalo folklore.

You think the Bills or Sabres are irreverent in the sports world? Nothing comes close to OJ’s fall from grace and how he’s just so insignificant. He’s the epitome of that Dirk Diggler or Henry Hill character who had it all, blew it, and then was never heard from again.

I can’t explain it, but there’s always been a dreamlike comatose when it comes to thinking about OJ Simpson. It is as if his whole fall from grace was too crazy to consider to be real. Simply put: The reality seemed to be too good or in this case, bad, to be true.

When we talk about the bad things that have happened to Buffalo sports over the years, you have to put OJ in the top 5. Arguably, he was the greatest athlete to ever play in Buffalo and probably the most famous beyond the (716).

It is strange, because fans will always list the Super Bowls, No Goal, Music City Miracle and others as talking points in wanting to kill ourselves because of the disappointment and failures, but OJ doesn’t get that at all. It is as if he never existed here any more and it is too painful or depressing to even mention it.

Does he deserve it?

Of course.

Not only was he a murderer, but he’s the main cause of the tabloid sensationalized prism of journalism you see on ESPN and CNN today. His case brought in the National Enquirer and US Weekly’s silly underbelly to the mainstream culture of America. Want to know why Mario Williams silly ass engagement ring story is being covered in Buffalo? Thank OJ. Tiger Woods love for mistresses being thrown on our TV? Juice.

His influence on our culture is 1,000 times more prevalent than any Bills or Sabres team in history. However, it is an influence we’d soon like to which I think we already have.