Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown held a news conference to brag about the fact that they came together to pave both sides of a street. One side of Kenmore Avenue is the responsibility of the county and the other side is the responsibility of the city.

This joint effort to pave three miles of a road was touted as: “It’s this kind of collaboration that’s transforming Buffalo and Western New York,” said Byron Brown. “We’re here to emphasize today what can happen when people work together,” said County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz.

I certainly support the county and the city working together and I don’t mean to knock this effort but how sad is it that this a rare and news worthy event. Our two top local government leaders symbolically meeting in the middle of the street to shake hands and highlight this “innovation”, as reported in the Buffalo News is a bit much.

The County Executives press release pointed out that this road effort was the result of a “unique collaboration”. This example of our great leaders working together will take a total of three years to pave three miles of of a 5.5 mile long road.

While it would be great to have our elected leaders working together on bigger issues, I guess this is a start.