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Buddy Nixon is at it again, this time bringing you reasons that we should trade Jairus Byrd.

*Disclaimer: this is just the argument FOR trading Byrd; it has nothing to do with the views of the blog, but rather why the team could progress with a trade.

Let’s all take a deep breath and allow the noon deadline Monday to approach. I have spoken with many Bills fans over the course of the last few days about the possibility of exactly what I am going to write, and I can normally knock some sense into them. Give me a shot here. I have made it blatantly obvious, that as a writer, I’m a big fan of making a Byrd trade happen. However, the fan in me is reserved. I love home-grown products. What is better than a second round pick converted cornerback-to-safety becoming dominant? That’s a cool story with a happy ending, right?

Wrong. This is a story about money, and millionaires arguing with billionaires about what’s rightfully theirs. There is a ton of pride and skewing of stats going on here. Both sides are making their cases very obvious with each other.

Let’s take a look at each side.

The Byrd Camp:

  1. I want Dashon Goldson money, my client is better
  2. Who is Eric Weddle? We deserve more.
  3. LOL just pull up our stats. Top safety in the league at turnovers among many other categories
  4. Has anyone watched Ed Reed? Yeah, Jairus is arguably better and younger
  5. A young leader who is the cornerstone of a defense
  6. Pro Bowl

= 5 years for 45 million. More than Weddle or Goldson.

The Bills:

  1. We do not feel safety is a top priority position on the team.
  2. We feel the franchise tag money is appropriate for Byrd. He is getting paid in the top 5 of the position
  3. We just converted Aaron Williams who has looked great
  4. We just drafted Meeks and Williams
  5. We will budge, but nowhere near that 45 million you guys want.
  6. You are really grinding us at 7 million a year? Do you not want to play here?

= 5 years for 35 million. A bit less than Weddle or Goldson.

Hm, so what’s next? There is a 2 million dollar a year difference? Who budges? Who makes this happen?

In my honest professional opinion, the NFL and more importantly the Bills are a business. This is a league that makes a lot of money. However this is a sales negotiation. Jairus is selling himself, and making a case for what he is worth. He might very well be worth that 9-10 million a year he is looking for. Where is the pride Jairus? You play for a town that invested resources INTO you. We developed YOU. We allowed you to flourish. WE CONVERTED YOUR POSITION. This is how you repay us? It hardly seems as if you want to be around. Is this your doing Eugene Parker? Probably. The most well-respected shark in the industry. He strong arms teams to do what he wants, and collects his 10% with all smiles.

Clearly, I would be SHOCKED if they worked something out. I firmly believe that if we don’t make the deadline Monday (not likely), Byrd will hold out well into the season, further ruining our position to make something happen. We need to have something happen now. If he doesn’t sign, get him to sign his tender Tuesday and trade him. His value CAN’T ever be higher.

I’m not even going to get into the cap, money, and values in this write up. C.J. Spiller is a free agent and is straight up more important. Eric Wood also is waiting in line and poking us for a contract. Where is the money? How can we give Byrd what he “deserves”? There are much bigger things going on in the front office than what Byrd thinks he wants, and what his stats quantify him being worth.

Trade Idea:

We need to bring back a starting caliber player. LB, CB, or TE seem to be the most likely. I think we could make this happen with a 1st or 2nd round pick based on the player. I would still like to go after Dennis Pitta. He is a game changing player. Jimmy Graham might be the only other TE better, especially with the fiasco happening in New England. I also like the big CB from the Ravens Jimmy Smith. These could be likely targets. With the way we have been drafting, let’s put a young talented player who WANTS to be here in the fold, as well as a pick in next year’s draft (this isn’t the NHL; draft picks can actually make a huge difference).

Although a first and third might be most likely, I still think we should try to get a player that could help us today. I know I’ll be upset next season when Byrd play 7 weeks, and we are forced to trade him for a 2nd alone when teams know we are handcuffed.

Act as “if”. Make something happen next week. He is way more valuable being able to attend a training camp, and coming off of that season he just had.

Final Notes:

This is Whaley’s first hurdle as GM of this team. He has to show agents that he is strong, and can be a true executive. If agents get a sniff he is weak and crumbles at demands, we are in trouble. These sounds silly, but ask anyone. This is an important part of any job – perception.

Steve Johnson – We did pay him last year, but he took a slight “discount”. See Bowe’s contract or the ones this off season. We got him at good value, and Steve knew this. It’s a compromise that Byrd has so far not been willing to make.

I may be the only one thinking, saying, or writing this but I truly believe this is a win-win scenario. Maybe, it’s just me preparing for Byrd to leave, but maybe it’s my business background lashing out. At the end of the day, I would be happy with an extension. But I see no way that Parker budges.

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